Treatment: Microscopic Examination and Microsuction

Microscopic examination and microsuction is performed by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist or audiologist to look into the ear and clear the ear canal of wax and debris.

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What is microscopic examination and microsuction?

Microsuction is the general term used to describe clearance of the ear canal done under direct vision using a microscope. The microscope allows your ENT consultant or audiologist to see into the ear clearly, and safely use instruments including low-pressure suction to clear the ear canal of wax, discharge, dead skin or other material that may be blocking the ear canal, and to assess the health of the eardrum. This is the gold standard treatment for clearance of debris in the ear canal.

Why is microscopic examination and microsuction done?

You might need microscopic examination and microsuction if you’re experiencing symptoms caused by a blockage or infection such as hearing loss, earache, pressure in the ears, tinnitus, and irritations in the ears.


What does microscopic examination and microsuction involve?

At OneWelbeck, microscopic examination and microsuction is performed as an outpatient treatment within a clinic consultation. Your consultant will begin by looking into your ear using a tool called a microscope. They will then guide a suction tool into your ear to remove anything causing a blockage in the ear canal. 

Are there any risks to having microsuction?

Microsuction is the safest way to have your ear cleared of blockage, and considered much safer than syringing or other mobile methods. Although you may experience some mild discomfort during microsuction, particularly if your ear is very inflamed, anaesthetic or sedation is not required. Most patients find the experience a little noisy, and occasionally some may experience some brief dizziness during the procedure. The procedure lasts seconds to minutes. 


All procedures carry a potential risk of infection, but this is minimal when microscopic examination and microsuction is carried out by a specialist. Your ears may feel a little sensitive after the treatment but this should pass in a few days as any small scratches or irritations begin to heal. 

Preparing for microscopic examination and microsuction

At your initial consultation, your specialist may ask you to use specific ear drops for a few days before the treatment. This helps soften any wax and loosen debris so it can be more easily removed with suction.   

Recovering from microscopic examination and microsuction

There is minimal risk associated with microsuction, however, some patients find the experience uncomfortable (others have a feeling of relief), some experience dizziness, and very occasionally there may be some bleeding from the ear canal after the procedure if the skin is scratched by removal of a dry crust.


You can go home straight away after the treatment. Depending on the outcome of the procedure you may or may not need to have a follow-up appointment.

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