Private Healthcare

We know that navigating your way through the private healthcare system can sometimes be confusing. We've laid out all the information below to help you each step of the way.

Which services
can I have privately?

You can get private treatment for any medical condition by a medical specialist or GP. At OneWelbeck this includes:

  • Consultations with specialists across a broad range of specialties
  • Diagnostics including scans and blood tests
  • Outpatient and day-case procedures, surgeries and other treatment

Does going private
mean I leave the NHS?

No, you are still entitled to free NHS care if you choose to pay for private care.

How do I pay
for private healthcare?


You can pay for your care yourself, in order to access high quality care in the shortest possible time. The starting point for most patients is a consultation with one of our specialists. Each doctor sets their own fees, but most are in the range £170 to £250. Our bookings teams will be able to provide you with further details including indications of future costs. To contact our bookings teams click here.

For many of our tests and procedures we offer fixed price packages. These provide peace of mind and include all costs including hospital costs, doctors’ costs etc. To find out more and for prices at OneWelbeck click here.


Most insurers pay for care for conditions the at are short-term and respond to treatment although this will vary based on the insurer. The majority of services at OneWelbeck will be covered by most health insurers, but you should check your policy and ideally contact your insurer to confirm eligibility before booking an appointment.

Common exclusions for insurance include GP services, prescriptions, cosmetic or aesthetic treatments & surgery and emergency admissions.

Your insurer may have limits or excess on your policy, but they will be able to provide details of this in your documentation or if you contact them directly.

How do I start my journey
to access private healthcare at OneWelbeck?

If you are self-paying, you can contact OneWelbeck to book your appointment, test or treatment directly here. Our bookings teams will be able to give you an indication of the cost of your care. If you have a referral letter from your GP this will help out teams book you into the right place first time, but this is often not required.

If you have medical insurance insured then the process is as follows for most patients:

  1. Get a referral letter from your GP either NHS or private – this will allow your insurer to confirm your care will be covered
  2. Contact your insurer for a pre-authorisation of your care
  3. Book an appointment with us and provide your policy and authorisation number
  4. After your appointment you doctor or our team will provide guidance on any following care required

How do I
find out more?

Private Healthcare Information Network provides more information for patients looking to access private healthcare: