Patient Stories: Personal Experiences at OneWelbeck

Read the genuine experiences of some of our patients and their outcomes from the care received at OneWelbeck.

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Jack's Story - ACL Reconstruction Treatment

Jack injured his knee during football causing pain and issues with straightening the knee. After a knee scan, the diagnosis identified he had a tear in his meniscus. He then underwent ACL Reconstruction at OneWelbeck to trim the meniscus. Listen to Jack's testimonial regarding his ACL surgery and the care he received from Mr Deepu Sethi and the team, in order to get him back to doing the things he enjoys.

Amy's Story - PFO Closure Procedure

Amy, unfortunately, suffered a stroke, so after undergoing some diagnostic tests, it was discovered that a PFO closure could reduce the risk of further episodes. Listen to Amy's procedure journey as she undergoes this day-case procedure at OneWelbeck, performed by Dr Iqbal Malik.

A Patient's Mole Mapping Experience

A patient shares their mole screening experience using our mole mapping technology at OneWelbeck. Their advice is simply; "Peace of mind, you've got to know. If there's any issues, find them out and get them sorted as quickly as possible."

Stories Written by our Patients

Neil's story -
Rafealo Procedure

Neil came to OneWelbeck seeking haemorrhoid treatment. Hear his experience and results of the Rafealo Procedure performed by Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Mr Alex Von Roon.

Steve's Story

Steve was looking for an effective and safe tonsillectomy treatment. Read his personal experience with the tonsillectomy procedure at OneWelbeck.

Jason's Story -
Bubble Echocardiogram Investigation

Jason visited us back in March 2023, to have a bubble echocardiogram; a non-invasive diagnostic test used to identify the hole in his heart.

Ryan's Story
Hip Osteoarthritis

Ryan had reached the point where walking was reduced to just 10 minutes and suffered from pain walking upstairs. Learn how Mr Pramod Achan helped their recovery.

Ryan's Story
Man On Beach

John's Story -
Pacemaker Surgery

John visited OneWelbeck Heart Health to undergo pacemaker surgery and shares how his new pacemaker has allowed him to take on new adventures.

"Here is a picture of a happy man at 2050m in the Dolomites celebrating his new pacemaker. I had not thought I would be able to walk in the mountains but here I am. I can never thank you enough." - John, July 2022

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