Referring patients

Our aim is for patients to see the right consultant, first time round.


OneWelbeck are dedicated to providing an exceptional approach to healthcare. Your patients will receive the very best possible care in a comfortable environment,  and we are committed to working with you to achieve that aim.

How to refer a patient to OneWelbeck

At OneWelbeck, our aim is to make our referral process as quick and seamless as possible. You have access to the following services:

  • Same Day Testing
  • 24-hour reporting turnaround
  • Competitively-priced pathology services
  • Collaborative care across all centres
  • Advanced planning with our OneWelbeck Patient App
  • Post procedure advice and follow-ups
  • Peace of mind knowing your patient is getting the best quality care

If you have a patient that you think would benefit from seeing a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our bookings teams - all contact information for our centres can be found on this Contact Page. If you’d like to speak directly to our referral team, please call 020 3327 0578.

The OneWelbeck Referral Portal

Our vision is to make the referral process as efficient and seamless as possible for all of our valued referrers. To enable this, we have developed a dedicated online referral portal where you are able to directly request diagnostic tests at OneWelbeck. Each referrer receives a unique login, ensuring you won’t need to repeatedly enter your details in order to access the full range of our testing modalities. Within a few clicks, and some basic necessary patient information, your request will be submitted, and our teams will handle the rest.

Phase Two, scheduled for release in 2023, will support live viewing of availability and instant confirmation of bookings for selected diagnostic tests directly from the portal, giving immediate assurance and piece of mind to you and your patients.

Contact our centres

If you’d like speak to a team member from a specific centre, please use the contact links found below. You can also find information for physiotherapists and further details on our OneWelbeck app.

Our Screening Services

Our Health Assessment & Longevity service offers personalised preventative care with our cutting-edge technology designed to identify potential health risks and optimise lifestyle choices. Learn more about this service below.

The OneWelbeck Results Portal

Our OneWelbeck Result Portal is already in use by many of our referrers and continues to receive positive feedback. It enables easy on-demand access to patient reports and results, removing the need for clinicians to contact secretaries or admin teams. A history of results is also accessible. Users will receive a simple email alert when new results become available.

We aim to have all reports available to you within 48 hours after the patients’ appointment. This can vary slightly for blood and histology results due to sample processing times.

Please note, urgent reporting can be requested at the discretion of the reporting consultant's availability.

Please access our online referral forms below

Each of these forms can be downloaded and completed digitally.