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OneWelbeck is one of the country’s largest specialist facilities for diagnostics, therapies and minimally invasive surgery. We believe there is a better way to deliver care and no one can do this on their own. Partnership and collaboration are the key to delivering something not just better, but beyond better.

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We can begin your treatment once you’ve confirmed authorisation from your insurer. Our centres are recognised by all major health insurance companies.

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The Sleep Centre at OneWelbeck

Sleep disturbance is a highly prevalent symptom, causing multiple health and lifestyle issues as well as knock-on impacts for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. At OneWelbeck we have an advanced diagnostics pathway for those struggling with their sleep and experiencing symptoms such as snoring or insomnia.

Mole mapping

We are proud to offer the most advanced form of mole mapping available in the UK. Designed specifically for dermatology, the VECTRA WB360 whole body 3D imaging system captures the entire skin surface in macro quality resolution with a single capture.

Sports medicine

Our team of Sports and Musculoskeletal Consultants treat injuries affecting all areas of the body – from osteoarthritis to tennis elbow. Just like sport, the field of sports medicine is based on teamwork. As such, your doctor at OneWelbeck will work closely with other specialists to come up with the right individualised approach to ensure you’re onto the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Enhanced breast screening

Our Enhanced Breast Screening centre has been designed to give the best patient care possible, with a quick and efficient service that uses the most high-spec technology on offer in the UK. Patients can self-refer, and same-day appointments are often available.

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Specialty Centres

Offering healthcare excellence on all floors, each medical specialty has its own dedicated space. Every inch has been tastefully designed and all levels are equipped with the latest technologies and amenities.

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Our consultants have been hand-picked and are supported by the very best clinical teams. Each specialist group has been formed on a basis of expertise, experience, and trust, and many are leaders in their respective fields both in the UK and internationally.

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