4 Reasons You Are Struggling To Sleep and How You Can Resolve It

For many of us, making a few small changes to our daily routines and sleeping environment can improve our quality of sleep. But for others who suffer from sleeping disorders, medical intervention might be needed. Professor Michael Polkey at OneWelbeck Lung Health explains some of the main reasons you might be getting a bad night’s sleep and when you should see a sleep specialist so you can get a good night’s rest.

How Long Does Pacemaker Surgery Take?

Pacemaker surgery is one of the procedures we provide patients at OneWelbeck Heart Health. While it is a device which can vastly improve the quality of life in the long-term, not many people know that pacemaker surgery is a relatively simple procedure with tremendous results for any patient’s quality of life. Here is some information about how quickly someone can expect this type of surgery to be, as well as related information regarding pacemaker surgery and recovery.
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The myths about why insomnia is harmful

Insomnia isn't just about getting less sleep, which could be considered normal for some people. Instead, it's about the negative impact that this lack of sleep has on our daytime functioning. This is one of the harmful effects of insomnia.
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Knee-related Skiing Injuries – from Prevention to Treatment

For many, this time of year brings with it the excitement of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. However, if you are not properly prepared for these activities, you are at risk of suffering from painful and debilitating injuries. Mr Deepu Sethi, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon provides an overview of the most common knee injuries – how to prevent them and how to treat them.
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A guide to type 2 diabetes: what is it and how to manage it?

It is estimated by Diabetes UK that by 2023, almost 5.5. million Brits will have diabetes, 90% of cases being type 2. Our consultant endocrinologist, and leading weight loss clinician, Dr Saira Hameed, breaks down each myth about type 2 diabetes and helps us to understand what it really is, what lifestyle changes you can make to transform your health, and how to properly manage it.
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What Exactly Is Perimenopause & What Are The Symptoms?

Brought on through changes in hormone production, menopause is a natural transition that most women will experience in their lifetime, marking the end of the menstrual cycle. Perimenopause is the phase that leads up to menopause and is normally when you will start to encounter certain associated symptoms. In our latest blog post, we examine what perimenopause is and the various symptoms it can bring with it. Learn how you can effectively manage your perimenopause symptoms with OneWelbeck.
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Snowboarder’s Ankle – A Commonly Mis-diagnosed Injury

Snowboarder’s ankle is a fracture of the moving bone in the ankle joint, the Talus and specifically it’s lateral process. You can feel this part of the talus as a bony prominence just below the tip of your fibula on the outside of your ankle. This area is an important ligament attachment thereby playing a critical role in hindfoot stability. An extensive lateral process fracture can involve the subtalar joint- the joint that helps with balancing on uneven ground. Mr Lee Parker, Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon, at OneWelbeck Orthopaedics, explains the importance of recognising this injury.
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