The OneWelbeck Directory App

An app to provide a list of all our consultants practising at the OneWelbeck centres.

About the app

The OneWelbeck Directory App has two main functionalities – a Consultant Directory and a Services Directory.

The Consultant Directory provides a listing of all consultants practising at the OneWelbeck centres. It allows you to quickly view a doctor’s profile and provides comprehensive information on their sub-specialisms and expertise. The app provides contact details for the centre bookings teams, and you can directly call or email them to arrange appointments.

Our ‘Next in OneWelbeck’ function allows you to view which days our consultants have confirmed appointments to see patients at OneWelbeck over the coming week so you can see who is in the building for any urgent bookings. We also provide information on consultants’ regular clinic schedules to identify when a specific doctor may be available to see a patient at OneWelbeck, if you have a named referral you wish to make.

The Services Directory is a listing of all services by centre which you are able to refer patients into directly without a prior consultation with one of our consultants. For each service key information is listed, giving an overview of the service, if self-referrals are available, booking details, self-pay pricing where applicable, and opening hours.

To learn more about how to use the app please download our guide (found at the bottom of this page).

If you can’t see a suitable clinician, or an available slot for your patient, please contact us on 020 3327 0578 and our referral team will be able to assist you.

Key features of the app

The app features:

  • Teams Directory – full listings of our centres and their affiliated consultants’ profiles. Within each centre, you can filter by ‘Next in OneWelbeck’ which will allow you to see which consultants are in on any morning or afternoon throughout the week
  • Or Clinicians – an alphabetical listing of all our consultants’ profiles, with the ability to search by consultant name, specialty or sub-specialty, as well as by condition or disease
  • Who’s In Today – up-to-date information on which consultants will be in OneWelbeck that day
  • Services Directory – a listing of all services by centre that patients can be referred to without having a prior consultation with one of our consultants.
  • Referral resources – directly links to our referral portals and online booking forms for each centre
  • Centres – contact details for each OneWelbeck centre
  • About OneWelbeck – you can find our brochure and floor layout here
  • Get in touch – contact form for any general enquiries or feedback, along with the option to make a referral and attach a referral form

To learn more about how to use the app please download our guide (found below).

How to download the app

You can access the Directory app on a desktop computer by using the following link –

You can also download our app in the Apple Store or via Google Play, or alternatively use the QR code below:

OneWelbeck App QR

OneWelbeck Directory App user guide

You can either flip through or download our guide for full details on how to use the app.

Guide to the OneWelbeck Directory App