Test / Diagnostic Procedure: Mole Mapping

We are proud to offer the most advanced form of mole mapping available in the UK. Designed specifically for dermatology, the VECTRA WB360 whole body 3D imaging system captures the entire skin surface in macro quality resolution with a single capture. The fully integrated software allows us to map and monitor pigmented lesions and distributed diseases of the skin. Pricing from: £545 for new patients, £445 for returning patients: includes a full consultation, mole mapping, and delivery via email of your mole mapping report.

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What does a mole mapping machine do?

Our mole mapping machine allows a full 360 degree view of your skin. This will document all your moles in great detail and the images will be stored for mole monitoring purposes. Individual moles can also be examined in greater detail using a microscopic light called a dermatoscope. All the images are examined by a dermatology consultant and stored securely. The mole mapping machine then uses artificial intelligence to flag up any changes to moles when mapping is repeated at a later date. Mole mapping will also identify any new moles that have appeared since the previous mapping images were taken.

Why might I need a mole mapping appointment?

You may have a large number of moles, moles that are changing in shape and size, or moles that look a bit odd. You may have had abnormal moles removed in the past, or a family history of problems with moles or skin cancer. You may have lived in sunny countries in the past, and have skin that is sensitive to the sun. You may work outside, or enjoy regular outdoor recreational activities leaving you vulnerable to sun damage on your skin. You may recall lots of sunburn in the past. Or you could simply want peace of mind that your whole skin will be checked and all your moles mapped and evaluated.

You may also have been referred for mole mapping by your GP or dermatologist.

What does a typical appointment involve?

Typically you will see the dermatology consultant first and they will take a skin cancer/sun damage history (skin type, living in sunny countries, previous abnormal moles, family history of skin cancer, medications you may be taking, degree of UV exposure associated with work/leisure) to assess your risk. They will then examine your skin in the clinic room and identify any moles that require dermatoscopy images to be taken at the time of the mole mapping.

You will then move to the mole mapping room and be asked to undress down to your underwear (underpants only) and then images of your skin will be taken (standing up in the machine). An entire 360 map of your entire skin is taken in a few seconds by the multiple cameras, generating a 3D avatar of your entire body and skin surface. Please note that there is no associated radiation exposure with taking the images. You then get dressed and will be given a USB with your images saved, as well as a topline report of findings.

You will receive a full consultant report within two weeks via email, which will also contain advice on when you should next come in for mole mapping, and whether you need any follow-up treatment.

What are the benefits of having regular mole mapping appointments?

Benefits of regular mole mapping are that any abnormal moles will be picked up quickly and that any subtle changes in your moles can be detected by the machine. In addition your images will be examined by a dermatology consultant. The earlier that abnormal moles and skin cancers are detected the quicker they can be removed and this will mean a higher cure rate.

What happens if a suspicious mole is found?

If a suspicious mole is found then the dermatology consultant will inform you about this and arrange to discuss with you what approach would be best. This may mean a further mole map in 3-6 months or it may mean the mole needs to be excised (cut out under local anaesthetic). If a mole needs to be removed then the mole would be sent for analysis (histology) to look at the pattern of cells in the mole to determine if it was harmless, dysplastic, atypical or malignant (cancerous).

If you choose to have further investigations at OneWelbeck, which could include biopsies, excisions of lesions or skin surgery, we will work with you to be completely transparent with our competitive pricing and to help you understand the costs. If you have private health insurance, we are covered by all major private insurers in the UK, who will typically offer cover from the point at which abnormalities are found and further treatment recommended.

Click here for an article written by Dr Katie Lacy on the rationale behind mole mapping.

Mole mapping table

Mole mapping pricing

Pricing from:

First time patient: £545 which includes a full consultation, mole mapping, and delivery via email of your mole mapping report (only available with selected consultants)*.

Follow up mole mapping (previous patient): £445 which includes a full consultation, mole mapping, and delivery via email of your mole mapping report.

* To avail of this discounted package price, the appointment must be booked as a mole mapping package from the onset. If a mole mapping scan is added to any consultation after booking, the individual consultation fee and scan price is payable. 

How to book a mole mapping appointment

To book your appointment you can:

Alternatively if you would like to book a stand-alone consultation to assess a mole you are worried about without the full mole mapping service, these can be booked for £250-£350 depending on the consultant seen.



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