Treatment: Excision of Skin Lesion

Excision of a skin lesion refers to the removal of a skin lesion by completely cutting it out.

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Why you might need?

Common reasons to excise a skin lesions are listed below:

  • to remove skin cancer completely
  • help determine a diagnosis via a sample
  • improve the cosmetic appearance of an area on the skin
  • relieve symptoms (if a lesion is tender or prone to being knocked)
  • remove an inflamed or frequently infected cyst or lesion

Treatment Info

An excision (removal of a skin lesion) is usually a simple and quick procedure. The appointment involves the area to be excised to be marked with a surgical marker. A local anaesthetic injection will numb the area of skin ensuring that you are pain free during the procedure.

Your surgeon will then cut around the lesion with a scalpel and remove it from the skin and close the defect in the best way to minimise scarring. Depending on the size of the excision, this could include closing the area with stitches and applying a dressing. Your consultant will then advise how to care for the area in the days and weeks following the procedure for the best cosmetic result.


Treatment Aftercare

We normally work on a quick turnaround of two to three days, your surgeon will usually arrange a follow up consultation with you within a week of your procedure to discuss your results. Sometimes due to extra tests being required there may be a delay in your result but this will be discussed with you.

Treatment Recovery

Yes, full recovery usually takes around two weeks until the scar is fully sealed. We usually recommend not doing any exercise, swimming or heavy lifting for at least a week following this procedure. You should expect some mild pain, bruising and swelling following your procedure but this will settle overtime and leave you with a flat straight line scar that should fade overtime. Your surgeon will always endeavour to give you the best cosmetic result possible. We would recommend ensuring that you have a supply of paracetamol following the procedure in case of unexpected pain.

Treatment Costs

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Excision of Skin Lesion


Health Insurance

This service or treatment is generally covered by most health insurance policies. You are responsible for checking your insurance policy cover, and you may need a referral letter. Check which insurance companies are covered.


Self-Pay Available

This treatment is available for self-paying users. If you would like to see more information on pricing visit our pricing and payments page.


Consultation Required

For this treatment you will need to have a 1-to-1 consultation at OneWelbeck first. To book in with our team of expert clinicians or to find out more about the process contact the relevant centre team.


Next Day Availability

We usually have next day availability for this service, please call us to check availability.


Self Referral

No doctor referral needed in order to book this service, although health insurers may require a referral in order for your treatment to be covered.

Excision of Skin Lesion Specialists

Our consultants are all either heads of service at London teaching hospitals, or have played major roles in clinical innovation, employing their collective expertise, knowledge and deep experience to deliver the best care possible.