Test / Diagnostic Procedure: Enhanced Breast Screening (Mammogram)

3D screening mammograms at OneWelbeck enable early breast cancer detection and prevention. With our personalised service, you can find peace of mind and prioritise your breast health.

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Having a 3D screening mammogram at OneWelbeck

Regular breast screenings play an essential role in the early detection and prevention of breast cancer. In fact, annual screenings have been shown to decrease the risk of death related to breast cancer by more than 25%, highlighting the impact of taking proactive health measures.

The 3D screening mammogram we offer at OneWelbeck is the most technologically advanced screening unit in the UK. By booking a mammogram with us, we will provide you with a personalised experience with a 30-minute mammogram appointment for £300.

We offer 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) as the standard for our private mammogram screenings. This digital technology allows a much more detailed view the first time around, reducing the number of additional images and re-calls you might need at a different centre.

Every 3D screening mammogram appointment takes 30 minutes, meaning you have enough time with the radiographer to receive a completely personalised experience.

Why is a 3D screening mammogram so important?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, causing approximately 11,500 deaths in women each year. However, the survival rate from the disease has been steadily improving over time; currently around 75% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive their cancer for 10 years or more after diagnosis.

Having a breast cancer screening between the ages of 40 and 49 reduces the chance of a woman passing away from breast cancer by 25%, while annual screening after the age of 50 can reduce this likelihood even further, by 25–30%.

The earlier the cancer is detected, the quicker treatment can be provided, increasing the survival rate. This is why regular screening appointments are so important, as they can be used to detect signs of cancer earlier.

If you are experiencing breast-related symptoms, your pathway can be slightly different to a regular mammogram screening. Learn more about the imaging and diagnostics we offer to symptomatic patients.

What age can I have a 3D mammogram?

We recommend that all women start having regular screening appointments from the age of 40. You can self-refer (i.e. book directly without needing a GP referral) for a private screening mammogram with us from this age.

We also recommend being screened annually, as opposed to every three years, to ensure any abnormalities are identified at the earliest possible stage.

Johanna Kelsey, Manager and Lead Radiographer of OneWelbeck Women's Health explains more about our breast screening services and the importance of annual screening. 

What makes 3D screening mammograms at OneWelbeck excellent?

We understand that going for a mammogram can be a daunting and uncomfortable experience. That’s why we’ve taken great care to ensure you feel at ease every step of the way.

Located in central London, our clinic is easily accessible. Here, we have created a relaxing environment purpose-built with your needs in mind. Every 3d screening mammogram appointment has 30 minutes allocated, meaning that your examination won’t feel rushed or stressful. You will also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish.

Our lead mammographer has over 30 years of experience and, working with our team of radiologists, will develop clear images to spot any slight abnormalities. Offering a calm and friendly demeanour, she ensures everyone in her care feels as relaxed and looked after as possible.

We make sure to always have a radiologist in the centre each day, ensuring your mammogram results are not only assessed immediately but also provided to you at the end of your appointment. We can then advise whether any further testing is required.

What technology is used in 3D screening mammograms at OneWelbeck?

At OneWelbeck we use cutting-edge technology to create better images than a standard mammogram. By using digital mammography, our radiographers ensure that breast radiologists receive as much information as possible to make an accurate assessment.

Using the power of artificial intelligence, we can further enhance the level of interpretation and analysis of the images produced by a digital mammogram. We use a system called ProFound AI® Solutions for this, which compares your mammography images against those it has previously learned from. This acts as another pair of eyes for our doctors, helping them identify subtle lesions that may be hard to detect with the naked eye.

Our technology also enables us to assess breast density by using a breast density assessment software called Quantra. Dense breasts can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer, as well as making abnormalities harder to identify on a mammogram image. This technology allows us to determine whether a follow-up ultrasound is needed.

What happens if abnormalities are found during my 3D screening mammogram?

If your standard screening mammogram shows any abnormalities, you have various options in terms of your follow-up care.

If you choose to have further investigations at OneWelbeck, which could include biopsies, scans and minor procedures, we will be there to support you each step of the way so you can make the right decisions for your breast health.

We will be completely transparent about our competitive pricing to help you understand the costs involved.

If you have private health insurance, we are covered by all major private medical insurers in the UK, who will typically offer cover from the point at which abnormalities are found on a mammogram.

Alternatively, we can support your pathway with the NHS, by providing you with your full report and transferring your images to your chosen NHS breast clinic. We will then continue to monitor your progress to ensure you do not become lost in the system and double-check whether you received the necessary follow-up appointments our radiologist recommended.

This means, in order to complement the national screening programme, you may still receive NHS mammogram appointments every three years while also attending yearly mammograms with us at OneWelbeck.

How to book a screening mammogram at OneWelbeck

Booking your screening appointment at OneWelbeck is simple – visit our booking portal to book your private screening today. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 3653 2008, or email our team at bookings.womenshealth@onewelbeck.com.

Please note we can only offer private mammograms for patients who are currently not showing any breast cancer symptoms. If you have found a lump or any other concerning symptoms in your breast, it is advised to contact your GP or your private health insurer as soon as possible.



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What people are saying about our mammogram service

"I would like to thank you and your team so much for the wonderful care given to me recently and kindness shown when I attended for a mammogram. Although this was just a routine check-up you paid such attention to ensuring my wellbeing. You and your assistant Andrea both went out of your way to explain the process and to make me comfortable, physically and mentally. You also went to the trouble of collecting my previous mammograms from my GP to compare and look for any changes. When I needed to return for a further scan and then a biopsy of a tiny calcium deposit you were just as kind and considerate. Dr Malhotra, Consultant Radiologist could not have been more gentle while carrying out the biopsy. I felt safe in all of your hands with no pain at all, so much so that while lying still for the biopsy I could have fallen asleep ! Your aftercare was equally amazing. I experienced no bruising or swelling, I am sure due to the care you took to prevent this, and Andrea called the next day to see how I was. Fortunately the biopsy results were all clear, however I am so pleased that I decided to have the initial mammogram, and to do this with your clinic. I know that if there had been any serious problem it would have been caught by your incredible attention to detail and that you would have supported me through it with every care and kindness."

Screening mammogram patient, seen by Johanna Kelsey

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