Latest technology in breast screening

Whether it is the latest equipment or diagnostic software, we have sought to exceed current standards of care when it comes to the technology used in our breast screening services.

More comfortable mammograms

Breast cancer screening has improved significantly in recent years, due to ongoing advances in medical imaging technology. With the introduction of digital 3D mammography (or tomosynthesis), we now have better images and more information than ever before to be able to detect breast cancer even in its early stages.

At OneWelbeck we use the latest mammography technology from Hologic® – the 3DimensionsTM Mammography System. Not only does this 3D system provide more accurate images than a conventional 2D mammogram, it also provides a higher level of comfort. The machine uses the SmartCurveTM Stabilisation System which has a curved compression surface to mirror the shape of your breast. This gives a more even compression during your scan and a more comfortable experience for you.

Fast scanning mammograms

Our mammography machine completes a full 3D scan in just 3.7 seconds which means less compression time for you and more accurate scans through less likelihood of movement. Combined with ProFound AI, the Breast Radiologist’s tool kit is being strengthened even further by the addition of artificial intelligence.

What is Profound AI?

ProFound AI helps the Radiologist analyse and interpret mammogram images, identifying and assessing whilst the software’s algorithm detects subtle and very small lesions, as well as those found in dense breasts. The earlier cancer is detected, the more likely you are to recover.

ProFound AI offers clinically proven benefits to women, including improved cancer detection with fewer unnecessary call backs. Trained with one of the largest available datasets, ProFound AI compares your mammography images against those it has learned from. It acts as another pair of eyes for doctors, helping them identify even subtle lesions that may be hard to detect with the naked eye, such as those found in dense breasts.

A clinical study found that Profound AI for DBT improved breast cancer detection by an average of 8% and reduces unnecessary patient recalls by 7%, compared to mammography alone.1

1.Conant, E. et al. (2019). Improving Accuracy and Efficiency with Concurrent Use of Artificial Intelligence for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis. Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. 1 (4).

High resolution imaging

The Hologic® machines that we use at OneWelbeck provide high-resolution 3DTM and 2D images to provide greater clarity, allowing your consultant to confidently identify subtle lesions and fine calcifications. This means that your specialist can make even the most challenging cancer diagnoses as early as possible.