Health Assessment & Longevity

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Health Assessment & Longevity

Optimising your physical and mental health is integral to achieving a long, productive and fulfilling life. A cutting-edge health screen is a crucial platform to support in optimising your lifestyle choices and ensuring any potential issues are identified and addressed early.

A Personalised Experience

What we want to offer our patients is not only an exceptional health care experience, but also a package that is completely individualised to their needs and preferences. When a patient attends a Health Assessment and Longevity appointment, they can rest assured that we have taken all measures to make this the most comfortable and enjoyable process as possible.

Executive Lounge

We appreciate that a day of moving between tests can be a long and tedious one. Therefore, we have a dedicated space of privacy for all our Health Assessment and Longevity patients. Upon the arrival, our friendly and courteous concierge team will receive our patients and lead them to their private pod, located in the Executive lounge on the top floor of the building. The patient will then have time to relax and enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast, while enjoying city views, watching something on their private television, or ask any questions regarding the run of events of the day to their personal chaperone.

Dedicated Chaperone

Their chaperone will facilitate the day and ensure that the patient is at the right place and time for each of their reservations for testing. Depending on the outcome of the initial consultation with one of our Health Assessment clinicians, the patient will follow a sequence of diagnostic tests, delivered with top of the range clinical management and state of the art technology.

Final Report

All the individual test results will be consolidated by your screening clinician into a comprehensive health report with a customised action plan for you to follow after your visit. We aim to share the finished report 7-10 business days after the tests.

Going Beyond Better

Individual assessment plans

We have created bespoke packages of tests for women and men, and personalised reports are produced containing health recommendations including lifestyle advice.

Cutting edge technology

We combine world-class consultants with the latest technology under one roof. We offer the best preventative care available, and our central London facility provides easy access for a wide range of clients.

Corporate Screening

We can offer bespoke screening services for our business, specifically designed in consultation with your organisation.

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Our Screening Practitioners

Dr Simrat Marwah, Medical Director of Health Assessment and Longevity and Dr Ruby Chu are our dedicated Screening Consultants at OneWelbeck.