Health Assessment & Longevity

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Health Assessment & Longevity

Optimising your physical and mental health is integral to achieving a long, productive and fulfilling life. A cutting-edge health screen is a crucial platform to support in optimising your lifestyle choices and ensuring any potential issues are identified and addressed early.

Going beyond better

A personalised experience

The client journey has been carefully considered and tailored to individual needs. You will have a dedicated screening clinician managing your care from start to finish, and our patient management team will ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

Individual assessment plans

We have created bespoke packages of tests for women and men, and personalised reports are produced containing health recommendations including lifestyle advice.

Cutting edge technology

We combine world-class consultants with the latest technology under one roof. We offer the best preventative care available, and our central London facility provides easy access for a wide range of clients.

Corporate screening

We can offer bespoke screening services for our business, specifically designed in consultation with your organisation.

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