Cutting-Edge Technology

We combine world-class consultants and clinicians with cutting-edge technology under one roof. Using the latest advances in screening techniques and devices, we can offer the best preventative care available.

DEXA scan

Bone density scans are often used to diagnose or assess your risk of osteoporosis, a health condition that weakens bones and makes them
more likely to break. The results from a bone density scan are usually used alongside a fracture risk assessment to assess your chances
of osteoporosis and breaking a bone. Your bone density measurements will be compared with the bone density of a young healthy adult or an adult of your own age, gender, and ethnicity.


At OneWelbeck we use cutting-edge technology which creates better images than a standard mammogram and we are the most technologically advanced screening unit in the UK. What really sets us apart is the use of artificial intelligence to further enhance the level of interpretation and analysis from the images produced by a digital mammogram.

Our triple assessment breast clinics for symptomatic patients are led by one of our Breast surgeons. The surgeon may recommend a 3D mammogram, a breast ultrasound and a biopsy or fine needle aspiration if deemed necessary at your visit. These are performed by
our Breast Radiologists. Any samples are sent to the Pathology laboratory and we usually expect results in 72 hours.


We offer both 1.5T and 3T scanners dependent on body part. 1.5T scanners are preferable to produce the best images for our Cardiac MRI referral base. 3T scanners offer double the magnetic field strength of 1.5T scanners which can significantly improve image quality for small field of view imaging such as in the fingers and forefeet.

We can create the highest quality images with specific advanced AI features that aid in the diagnosis of the condition in question. This can also support our cardiac MRI imaging in detecting blood flow irregularities to the heart or disease processes of the cardiac muscle.

We also offer Body Composition Analysis in our MRI service. This gives an overview of the composition of the body, based on five core measurements including liver, subcutaneous fat and muscle fat. Using enhanced software within our MRI scanning technology, it aids in assessing associated health risks based on body composition and helps advise on what interventions including lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise may help reduce these.

Mole Mapping

At OneWelbeck, we use the UK’s most advanced technology to image the skin. The Vectra WB360 imaging system captures the entire skin surface in one macro quality resolution with a single capture. The mole mapping machine uses artificial intelligence to flag up any changes to moles when mapping is repeated at a later date. Individual lesions, if warranted, are further examined using a dermatoscope (a microscopic light). Everyone who has mole mapping also has a consultant dermatologist review as part of their screening.


A Fibroscan is a special type of ultrasound that gives us information about the stiffness of the liver, as well as assessing overall liver health. It is key in helping us identify fatty liver, which has become more prevalent in recent years.

Lung Function Test

Lung function testing measures the rate of airflow through the airways. At OneWelbeck we offer the gold-standard method for measuring lung volumes with the most up-to-date technology on the market.