Corporate Screening

Alongside creating a seamless and accessible healthcare journey for our clients, we can also offer bespoke health screening services for your business. Incorporating all the screening packages available for our individual clients, the services are specifically designed in consultation with your organisation to provide the most relevant, personalised and outcome-driven pathway for your employees.


The service benefits from our best-in-class patient management team who will provide dedicated 1-to-1 touchpoints at each stage of the pathway, ensuring your employee feels comfortable and supported.
With access to our mobile/desktop application that enables seamless
integration of test data, all screening is undertaken at our state-of-the-art central London facility, OneWelbeck.


We will consult with your organisation to investigate the most appropriate screening package for you. This includes ranges of tests
from Women’s Health, Digestive Health, Men’s Health, Skin Health, Heart Health, and Lung Health.


All individual tests results will be consolidated into a comprehensive
health report by a leading consultant, with a customised action plan for your employee to following their visit. We aim to share the finished report with your employee 7-10 business days after the day of the tests.