Test / Diagnostic Procedure: Remote Heart Rhythm Monitoring Service

OneWelbeck Heart Health offers a fully remote heart rhythm monitoring service to our patients. If you have been experiencing palpitations, heart rhythm, fluttering in the chest or have been told you need a heart rhythm/rate monitor then we are able to provide a mail-order service. Please contact the centre for pricing

Bookings: bookings.hearthealth@onewelbeck.com

Tel: 020 3653 2005

How remote heart rhythm monitoring works

  1. Use the form to request a monitor.
  2. The OWHH administration team will contact you. They will register you and take payment for the monitor. The admin team will explain the process to you and confirm your address for postage.
  3. The monitor will be posted to you using special delivery.
  4. You fit the monitor using the instructions enclosed with the monitor and easy to follow video. The monitor will record for 7 days. Telephone support is available if needed.
  5. Once 7 days have elapsed, remove the monitor and use the enclosed special delivery envelope return the monitor.
  6. The monitor takes approximately 24 hours to analyse, after which a report which has been generated by a consultant cardiologist will be sent to you by encrypted secure email or post (as per your preference)
  7. On the basis of the report, if you require a remote tele-consultation with a consultant cardiologist, you can call us on 020 3653 2005 and we will arrange this.

Fitting the monitor

How to fit ECG On-Demand's waterproof wearable Holter monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Please use the link to request a monitor. Our administration team will contact you to discuss the cost of the service.

How do I request a monitor?

Use the form at the top and bottom of the page to securely submit your information to us and we’ll contact you process your request.

Is it safe?

Yes. The monitor is simply monitoring the small electrical voltage generated by your heart each time it beats for 7 days. The monitor will arrive fully sterilised. All other items are single-use.

Is there anything I can’t do while I am wearing the monitor?

You can do everything including washing/showering as normal with the exception of swimming. The monitor is waterproof but will not survive prolonged periods underwater.

Will anyone know that I am wearing the monitor?

No, the monitor is very small so unless you tell anyone, the monitoring is very discrete.

If the report shows something is wrong with my heart what do I do?

You can take the report to your doctor/gp who can use it to plan management. Alternatively, you can call our administration team or enquire now to set up a remote consultation with one of the excellent group of internationally renowned Cardiologists who are experts and pioneers in their sub-specialist fields.

Home Heart Monitor Pricing

Contact the centre to discuss pricing



Health Insurance

This service or treatment is generally covered by most health insurance policies. You are responsible for checking your insurance policy cover, and you may need a referral letter. Check which insurance companies are covered.


Self-Pay Available

This treatment is available for self-paying users. If you would like to see more information on pricing visit our pricing and payments page.


Fixed Price Package

For peace of mind, this service or treatment is available for an all-inclusive fixed price package.


Same Day Availability

We usually have same-day appointments available for this service. Please call us to book.


Self Referral

No doctor referral needed in order to book this service, although health insurers may require a referral in order for your treatment to be covered.

Heart monitoring specialists

The consultants at OneWelbeck Heart Health have been assembled based on their hard-earned international reputations and expertise. Together, they cover the major London teaching hospitals and leading cardiac services, making up the largest independent cardiology group in the UK.