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What our patients say

Testimonials from patients about the quality care they’ve received from our consultants.

I’m really getting an excellent experience with Dr Khamis, he is very friendly and always available if there’s a need and easy to contact him for urgent issues . He gave me honest opinion and refer me to another specialist based on need.


Fantastic cardiologist (Nicholas Peters) very informative and sympathetic and always very friendly to both myself and my wife

Yesterday I had a PFO closure at OneWelbeck Heart Health Centre with Dr Malik and Dr Kanaganayagam.

As a long term diver, and someone who has experienced several symptoms associated with PFO, I have also known several people who have needed a similar procedure, I am just so grateful that I was lucky enough to undergo this procedure at OneWelbeck.

I was absolutely terrified!  But I had no reason to be.

The whole team, from the receptionists to the operating theatre staff and the aftercare were beyond exceptional. Between arriving at 8am to being discharged at 13.30, the process was flawless.

I have to specially mention Tracey and Monique, who put up with my nervous prattling and rambling prior to the procedure, and for looking after me so well afterwards, and Kes who took me to and from the theatre, and also the surgical team, who were too numerous for me to remember everyones’ names – sorry.

I also consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended OneWelbeck for all of the imaging and tests prior to this procedure.  To have so many facilities and professional staff under one roof has meant the whole experience was smoother and less stressful than I could have possibly believed.

Thank you to everyone

Elaine Wallace, Patient

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