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The consultants behind the OneWelbeck Heart Health team have been assembled based on their hard-earned international reputations and expertise, making up the largest independent cardiology group in the UK.

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We can begin your treatment once you’ve confirmed authorisation from your insurer. Our centres are recognised by all major health insurance companies.

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A “blackout” describes a transient loss of consciousness and is a dramatic and frightening experience. Professor Richard Schilling gives us more detail about what can cause blackouts, and what they might be a sign of.

Remote Heart Rhythm Monitoring Service

OneWelbeck Heart Health now offers a fully remote heart rhythm monitoring service to patients. If you have been experiencing palpitations, heart rhythm, fluttering in the chest or have been told you need a heart rhythm/rate monitor then we are able to provide a mail-order service.

Heart failure

Heart failure means the heart is not able to pump blood around the body as it should. The heart could have either become too weak or stiff to work properly, but it doesn’t mean the heart has stopped working altogether. We can diagnose and treat heart failure at OneWelbeck Heart Health.


A Pacemaker is a small electrical device that sends electrical pulses to your heart to keep it beating regularly.

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Managing your heart health

Managing your heart health is crucial to maintaining a long and healthy life. Find out the key factors that make a difference in reducing your risk from cardiovascular disease.

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