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Managing your heart health

Managing your heart health is crucial to maintaining a long and healthy life. Find out the key factors that make a difference when it comes to reducing your risk from cardiovascular disease, and how you can make small changes at home to improve your overall health.

Treatment for Long Covid

At OneWelbeck we are lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s leading specialists on Long Covid. We have brought together Consultants from a wide range of our centres to provide to create a simple-to-navigate patient pathway that ensures that you are seen by the right specialist from the very start of your treatment journey.

Latest news

Vasovagal Syncope (fainting)

Dr Boon Lim provides an overview of Vasovagal Syncope and top tips in preventing episodes Read more

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Last month, Hailey Bieber shared on social media that she had recovered after suffering a mini stroke... Read more
Blackouts and fainting

Blackouts explained

Professor Richard Schilling explains common causes for blackouts and fainting. Read more

Long Covid and your Heart Health

Dr Boon Lim looks at the links between Long Covid and Heart Health. Read more

Five tips for heart-healthy eating

In an extract from his book, Dr Boon Lim looks at how making changes to your diet... Read more

Revolutionary weight loss drug to be made available on NHS

Dr Iqbal Malik takes a closer look at the new obesity-reducing drug. Read more
low blood measure

The low-down on low blood pressure: Key facts and causes of low blood pressure

Dr Sundeep Kalra explains some key facts and causes of low blood pressure, and how blood pressure... Read more

The main symptoms of angina and how to avoid them

Dr Balvinder Wasan gives an overview of the main symptoms of angina, what the treatment options are,... Read more

Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Dr Boon Lim

Dr Boon Lim has released a book as part of the Penguin Life Experts series. In this... Read more

What is cholesterol and how does Inclisiran work to lower it?

Dr Iqbal Malik takes a look at a new cholesterol-lowering drug called Inclisiran and how it measures... Read more

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