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With such a large proportion of our population living with hearing loss, it is estimated that over 3 million people let their hearing loss go untreated. This impacts on work, communication and enjoyment of daily life. The Hearing Clinic at OneWelbeck is here to close that gap for privately insured and self-pay patients. At OneWelbeck, we have leading otologists and specialised audiologists ensuring whatever the cause, we can provide the best treatment plan for you.


There are nearly 12 million adults in the UK living with hearing loss – which can manifest as partial or complete inability to hear in one or both ears. It is a very common sensory impairment affecting adults and children in all countries and the foremost cause is age-related hearing loss, with the second being noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss can develop slowly, quickly and even suddenly and there are three main types: conductive (outer or middle ear), sensorineural (inner ear), and mixed.

With such a large proportion of our population living with hearing loss, it is the second most common disability in the country and it has been estimated that on average it takes around 10 years to seek assessment. Unmanaged hearing loss is known to have a significant impact on work, communication, and enjoyment of daily life.

Whilst we have great experience working with the thriving Deaf community, we also recognise that whilst people with hearing, lose it, it can create huge difficulties for them and their families. That is why the Hearing Clinic at OneWelbeck is here to close that gap.

There are a number of different causes of hearing loss, ranging from simple such as ear wax build-up, to complex scenarios such as congenital hearing conditions requiring hearing implant surgery. At OneWelbeck, we have leading renowned otologists and specialised audiologists meaning we can offer a range of options in-house, that are not feasible in other private facilities, both in the UK and internationally, ensuring whatever the cause, we can provide the best treatment plan.

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Sudden hearing loss is usually very noticeable and should be quickly assessed as it may require urgent treatment. Gradual hearing loss can be difficult to detect straight away. Signs and symptoms that your ability to hear may be affected include:

  • Frequently needing to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Struggling to hear people speaking when in a noisy environment such as a restaurant
  • Finding it hard to hear someone at the other end of the phone
  • Thinking people are mumbling when they’re not
  • Being unable to hear certain high-pitched sounds, such as birdsong
  • Needing to turn up the volume on your television or devices
  • Having ringing in your ears (tinnitus)
  • Earache 
  • Having a feeling of a blockage, pressure or fluid inside your ears
  • Trouble balancing
  • Feeling dizzy

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What causes hearing loss?

Beyond age-related and noise damage-related hearing loss, there are several other causes that can affect your hearing.

Common causes of conductive hearing loss include:

Common causes of sensorineural hearing loss include:

What are the treatments for hearing loss?

Your consultant will be able to recommend the most effective treatment for your hearing loss, based on its cause. 

Treatments for short-term hearing loss include:

In some long-term cases of hearing loss, we offer the below treatments:

In cases where hearing loss is due to age or noise-related issues in the inner ear, a hearing aid is usually recommended. Occasionally, if hearing levels are very low, a cochlear implant may be recommended. At OneWelbeck, we are one of few facilities who can identify the best hearing solution for you and fit this within the same location with our leading otologists. 

Treatments for more profound hearing loss, or deafness in one ear include:

What makes the hearing clinic at OneWelbeck unique?

Our clinic welcomes individuals across the spectrum of hearing loss, from mild hearing loss through to the most complex cases, ensuring we deliver customised treatment options tailored to the specific needs of both adults and children. What sets us apart is our accessibility to implants and hearing aids that are traditionally challenging to obtain privately, given the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and volume requirements. We stand out as one of the few healthcare facilities to offer a full choice of all bone-anchored hearing systems.

  • Comprehensive in-house capabilities: We possess all necessary elements in-house meaning our hearing clinic can offer treatments from speech therapy or surgical procedures like implants seamlessly, if deemed required. 
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Our advanced and spacious, walk-in audiology booth is designed to provide a complete evaluation of your hearing including balance tests and diagnostic services, in a calm and comfortable place. 

  • Specialised teams: Our clinic houses sub-specialised audiologists, including those specifically trained for Cochlear implants, ensuring expertise in various aspects of hearing care. Our team also includes otologists of exceptional calibre who are experienced in handling complex NHS cases and hold leadership positions in prestigious ENT societies. We are also integrated with other specialties so beyond hearing care, we can seamlessly connect patients with other specialists all within the same building.
  • Ongoing care: We can ensure that you have a trusted partner in caring for your hearing well-being and offer additional care such as remote servicing and maintenance for Cochlear implants.

Our Hearing Clinic

What is the first step togetting treated?

From consultation and assessment to diagnosis and treatment, our hearing experts can cover all aspects of audiology and otology.

Consultation: if you think you are suffering from hearing loss or have other symptoms causing issues, it is essential to seek a consultation, as early action can help prevent further advancement of your condition. This would usually be with one of our consultant otologists, although if you already know that hearing aids are the focus, then direct appointments with audiology can also be arranged.

Assessment: our state-of-the-art ENT centre houses a custom-built audiology booth equipped with the very latest technology needed for complete hearing assessments. Results are instant, so the team can talk through the findings with you on the same day as your test.

Diagnosis: depending on the severity of your hearing loss, your audiologist will be able to make a rapid assessment and advise on a recommended treatment plan.

Our Hearing Clinic Specialists