Dr Malik compèred an excellent session showcasing the “vertical” and “horizontal” links in the OneWelbeck building

An overview of our first GP education event of 2023, hosted at our very own centre in London.


Dr Malik compèred an excellent session showcasing the “vertical” and “horizontal” links in the OneWelbeck building.

As the first of many bespoke educational networking events OneWelbeck will be hosting in 2023, over 40 medical professionals from all over London attended the event this week showcasing the multidisciplinary offerings the centre possesses. The event was presented by consultants from cardiology, ENT, neurology and respiratory services and went into detail about our services from lung function tests, to ECG’s and our sleep study pathways.

The panel of consultants were described as “the Brazilian football team showing off their skills”.

Speciality Centres

Our speciality centres occupying 9 floors hosts a range of clinics including: Imaging & Diagnostics, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Surgery Centre, Endoscopy Centre, Heart Health, Lung Health, ENT, Skin Health & Allergy, Digestive Health, and Endocrinology.

Key takeaways


  • Each floor is a unit run by doctors- so that each speciality has its own style to meet its needs. For example:
    • OneWelbeck Heart Health and OneWelbeck Lung Health share the 3rd Floor.
    • The Surgery Centre on the 1st floor offers a theatre suite used by all our surgical specialties including Heart Health who use it for procedures such as ablation, PFO closure and pacemakers.


  • The doctor partnership allows a comprehensive service at OneWelbeck where our consultants work together on a multidisciplinary approach and allows for a seamless patient pathway.
  • The specialists on each floor have fast access to all the tests done on other floors within the building, so if a patient requires a cross-referral to another specialty, then other consultants have streamlined access, minimising chasing test results days on end.
  • There is a vast range of sub-specialties available within each group, so external referral will be the exception. This keeps the patients’ care in one high class facility improving efficiency and a smoother healthcare journey for patients.

Dr Iqbal Malik delivers a talk to the attending primary care referrers

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