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Our team of specialists comprises top physicians, surgeons, radiologists and therapists who are each renowned in their specific area of expertise across Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology.

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Our departments

Ear conditions and treatments

Our otology department is home to some of the UK's best consultants for ear-related conditions. At OneWelbeck, our otologists offer a wide range of treatments suitable for various conditions that may affect your ears, from hearing-related problems to ear pain.

Nose and sinus conditions

OneWelbeck's Rhinology department hosts some of the UK's leading ENT consultants specialising in various conditions related to the nose and sinuses. With a wide range of treatments available, and short waiting times, our rhinologists will be able to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Throat conditions and treatments

The Laryngology department in our ENT clinic specialises in issues affecting the voice box and the wider throat, ranging across conditions impacting our clients' voices, ability to swallow and ability to breathe. Our resident laryngologists will be able to identify any problems you may be facing, and will resolve your conditions quickly.

Featured Treatments

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are used when hearing loss is severe enough to mean that normal hearing aids don’t help enough. Fortunately, OneWelbeck ENT is the UK’s number one destination for private cochlear implantation and management.

Nasal endoscopy

A flexible nasal endoscopy involves passing an endoscope through one of your nostrils to examine the inside and back of your nose, the back of your throat, your voice box and tongue. If you have any problems with your ear, nose, throat or voice box, your doctor may recommend an endoscopy to assist with diagnosis.

Voice disorders

Up to 10% of the adult population in the UK are affected by voice disorders, such as dysphonia, and symptoms and causes vary hugely from patient to patient. Accurate diagnosis and management by a specialist is essential.

What our patients say

The Hearing Clinic at OneWelbeck

With such a large proportion of our population living with hearing loss, it is estimated that over 3 million people let their hearing loss go untreated. The Hearing Clinic at OneWelbeck is here to close that gap for privately insured and self-pay patients. At OneWelbeck, we have leading otologists and specialised audiologists ensuring whatever the cause, we can provide the best treatment plan for you.

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ENT Specialists

The best ENT clinicians typically sub-specialise in the ear, nose or throat, rather than broadly treating all areas. The OneWelbeck ENT group provides expertise across the entire breadth of all three fields - otology, rhinology, laryngology, and radiology.