Imaging & Diagnostics

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Imaging & Diagnostics

Our Imaging & Diagnostics centre is a beacon of excellence, offering an array of investigations to support our clinicians in accurately and quickly diagnosing patients’ conditions.

Private Healthcare

We can begin your treatment once you’ve confirmed authorisation from your insurer. Our centres are recognised by all major health insurance companies.

Featured Tests

High-spec, whole-heart CT scanner

An image of the whole heart can be captured during a single heartbeat and with less contrast agent, meaning shorter scanning times and lower doses of radiation.

Flexible scanning for individual requirements

Our MRI technology includes both 3T and 1.5T scanners, providing both whole-area and finer-detail imaging. This enables our consultants to use the most appropriate diagnostics for each individual patient.


Blood and pathology tests are a vital part of detecting, diagnosing and treating conditions. We offer the latest in pathology testing solutions, including genetic testing.

1Wel WH 1650

DEXA Scanning

At OneWelbeck we have a state-of-the-art DEXA scanner, which is a vital piece of diagnostic kit used to assess bone density and a patient’s risk from osteoporosis.

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