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Ear Drum Perforation & Retraction

What is a Perforated Eardrum?

A perforation is a hole in the ear drum. Having a hole in the ear drum means the ear is susceptible to ear infections, and the hearing is often reduced.

Most holes in the ear drum heal after a few days or weeks, but the longer it has been there, the lower the chance if will heal on its own. If it is causing problems, an operation can be done to close the hole.

What is a Retracted Ear Drum?

A retraction is a part of the ear drum that has been sucked deeper into the ear by pressure and scarring. Retraction of the ear drum can also cause ear infections and hearing loss. Sometimes, retraction can cause the hearing bones in the ear to be permanently damaged, and can go on to cause a condition called cholesteatoma.

Usually a retraction can be monitored over a period of time to make sure it isn’t changing. Sometimes we may recommend things you can do that can improve middle ear pressure, like popping your ears. Occasionally, surgery may be needed – this is particularly the case if there are lots of infections, or the hearing is affected.

Ear Drum Perforation & Retraction Specialists

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