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Bone Conduction & Middle Ear Implants

What are Bone Conduction implants?

Bone conduction implants are an option for rehabilitating hearing loss in scenarios where you cannot wear a conventional hearing aid and conventional surgery to restore natural hearing is not viable.

Why do I need Bone Conduction implants?

Bone conduction implants can be subdivided into ‘percutaneous’ (which show through the skin) and ‘transcutaneous’ which attach via magnet to a processor outside the skin. There are advantages and drawbacks to either option and these can be discussed in detail with you to help you make the best choice. Bone conduction implants work by directly vibrating sound through the skull bone to the inner ear, bypassing your ear drum and 3 hearing bones. What are the complications of bone anchored hearing implant surgery?

The risks of serious complications from bone conduction implant surgery are very low. Some patients may experience problems with skin healing. Other omplications include loosening, bleeding, infection, scar formation and pain.

What are middle ear implants and when are they suitable?

A middle ear implant is an electronic device that is implanted in the middle ear through a cut behind the ear. It converts sound to mechanically stimulate the inner ear. This is an evolving field but most current implants consist of two main parts: an internal part and an external processor. These implants are a hearing rehabilitation option for those who are unable to wear conventional hearing aids due to certain types of ear infections, skin problems or ear mould allergies. They are also a useful option for people with ear abnormalities such as bony growths in the ear canal or ear abnormalities that they were born with.

Our audiologists will be able to assess and guide you through which hearing implant options may be suitable, as well as the advantages of each option.

Bone Conduction & Middle Ear Implants Specialists

All our private ENT specialists at OneWelbeck in London are leaders in their sub-specialties, providing the highest quality treatment to ensure you receive the best available care. Click on the profiles below to see which of our consultants can help with Bone Conduction & Middle Ear Implants.

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