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Reveal LINQ Implant Device

What is a Reveal LINQ Implant Device?

A LINQ device is a cardiac device, as small as a USB stick, which is implanted under the skin and remains there over a long period of time. This type of device is commonly used for patient’s who experience fainting or sporadic palpitation symptoms.

What happens when getting a Reveal LINQ Implant Device fitted?

Implanting the device involves a small surgical procedure under local anaesthetic on the left side of your chest. The entrance wound does not need any form of closure. The device remains in the same position for up to four years.

If you experience fainting or sporadic palpitation symptoms, the device will record this. These results will then form a picture over a period of time which can be analysed. Your consultant cardiologist can then make a diagnosis before creating a treatment plan.

OneWelbeck app

OneWelbeck patients will be offered the use of the MyRecovery smartphone app. This doctor-designed app acts as a mobile patient companion to guide you through the steps to prepare for the reveal LINQ implant device and prevent and delays to your care.

The app will use two methods to provide you with a seamless reveal LINQ implant device experience by offering you the right information at the right time through:

  • Video messages from your consultant and clinical team
  • Pre-procedure checklists that are visible to you and your clinical team

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