Treatment: Laser proctology

Laser proctology refers to the treatment of colorectal conditions such as haemorrhoids and fistulas using laser ablation.

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What is laser proctology?

Laser proctology is a term that refers to the treatment of conditions related to the lower rectum and anus, using laser ablation.

Laser ablation uses a high-energy laser to accurately treat affected areas of tissues without pain or bleeding. The procedures are minimally invasive so come with the benefit of short recovery times.

Why is laser proctology done?

Laser ablation is often used to treat anal fistulas, haemorrhoids, anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN) and pilonidal sinus

What does laser proctology involve?

Laser proctology treatments are performed by colorectal surgeons. The exact way a laser proctology treatment is done will depend on the condition that’s being treated. However, most laser ablation procedures will follow these steps:


  1. You’ll receive a local anaesthetic or sedation and will be lying on your front or on your back with your legs raised. 
  2. Your surgeon will insert a proctoscope into your back passage to locate the area of concern and guide the laser device.
  3. They will then insert the laser device into the area of tissue requiring treatment. 
  4. Laser energy is applied to shrink, destroy or close the tissue. 


Most laser ablation procedures will take around 30 minutes to complete.

Preparing for laser proctology

Before having a laser ablation procedure you’ll have a consultation with your colorectal consultant to discuss what the treatment involves and how you should prepare in the days leading up to your appointment.

Recovering from laser proctology

As laser ablation treatments are minimally invasive and highly accurate, there is very little pain or bleeding associated, so recovery times are very short.

At OneWelbeck, laser proctology procedures are done in our day surgery unit, meaning you can return home straight after your treatment and you can resume your normal daily activities a few days after the procedure.

Risks of laser proctology

Laser proctology procedures have good success rates and complications are minimal and rare.

With laser ablation, there is a chance that the issue that was treated can reoccur. Your consultant will discuss this with you, and explain the benefits of laser ablation procedures.

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