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Patient Journey

At OneWelbeck Ear, Nose and Throat we have done everything we can to make your time with us as pleasant as possible. By considering every detail, and making patient care our priority, we’ve designed a smooth and comfortable process that puts your needs above everything else. Take a walk through our patient journey to see what we mean.

Preparing for surgery

We’ve included all of the essential information that you need before your admission, during your stay and when you are ready to go home. Of course, if you have questions or require additional information then don’t hesitate to contact the centre or your doctor.

Pricing And Payment

Whether you are using private medical insurance or paying for your treatment yourself, the process is simple and allows you to focus 100% on getting better.

Giving Feedback

OneWelbeck was founded by doctors to deliver world class care, designed around you. By considering every detail and making patient care our priority, we have designed a smooth and comfortable process that puts your needs above everything else. Whether you are a patient or visitor to OneWelbeck, we want to ensure that your experience is a fantastic one.

Our Patient Testimonials

Read what some previous patients have to say about our consultants.

You could not be in a safer pair of hands. Jeremy Lavy is a caring professional, who takes the time to explain your condition and all the options open to you in a relatable way. He is willing to answer questions and is kind and patient, […] It changed my life and I remain forever grateful.

A patient at Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, Treated by Mr Lavy

“I went to Prof. Saeed to see if there were any options to help with my single sided deafness. He understood my desire to help alleviate the issues I had in busy and noisy environments. He quickly came up with a plan to do some investigations and offered me a bone bridge implant. I had the surgery a few weeks later which has benefitted me greatly. Prof is a fantastic surgeon with a very personable patient manner.”

J.K., Patient treated by Professor Saeed