Test / Diagnostic Procedure: Private EEG (Electroencephalograms)

Our dedicated team can get to the root cause of your symptoms with the help of a private EEG. EEG investigations analyse your brain’s electrical activity, helping to detect and diagnose several neurological conditions.

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Why might I need an EEG brain scan?

An EEG brain scan is a helpful diagnostic tool for investigating numerous conditions that affect your brain. 

A doctor may refer you for an EEG if you are experiencing the following: 

Doctors can also use EEGs to monitor a pre-diagnosed condition and check how well it’s responding to treatment. 

At OneWelbeck, we use the latest equipment and internationally renowned consultants lead our EEG service. Our ongoing patient support ensures you receive dedicated patient care throughout your journey with us, so you know you’ll be well looked after. 

What can an EEG detect?

EEGs can detect several neurological conditions, including: 

Doctors can use the recorded brain activity from your EEG to make a possible diagnosis so you can receive treatment to manage your symptoms and potentially treat the condition. 

What are the benefits of having an EEG?

EEGs have many benefits, including determining symptoms or monitoring a previously diagnosed condition. EEGs provide essential information about your brain activity that we cannot otherwise access. An EEG can also help to rule out certain brain conditions, allowing us to create an accurate follow-up plan. 

Depending on your EEG results, we will advise on any further testing needed and the next steps to support your health and diagnosis.

Preparing for an EEG

Preparing for an EEG is simple. Unless told otherwise, you can eat and drink as usual and continue your regular medications. 

Attending your appointment with clean, dry hair that’s free from products, such as gels and serums, is helpful. It helps the discs to adhere to your scalp, ensuring the most accurate results. 

We suggest bringing a hairbrush or comb, as your hair may be messy once we remove the discs. Some people bring a hat or cap to cover their hair after the EEG, as the adhesive can leave some residue. 

We’ll tell you if there’s anything specific you need to do to prepare before your appointment. You can also contact us beforehand with any questions. 

What does an EEG test involve?

A specialist clinical physiologist will lead your EEG appointment and walk you through the process. 

First, they’ll apply sticky removal discs to your head. These will detect and record your brain activity. Then, the EEG can begin. It will record your brain activity for around 20–60 minutes (depending on what a doctor is testing you for).

After recording your brain activity, the specialist will carefully remove the pads and you can resume your usual daily activities immediately.

Sometimes, you may need an overnight study, such as a home video telemetry or sleep study. A home video telemetry involves taking the equipment home with you to record your brain activity over a longer time – up to four days. The test includes a digital recording.

In an overnight study, we will fit the discs and send you home or to a hotel to monitor your brain activity when you sleep. You must return to the hospital the following morning to meet your clinical physiologist, who will remove the discs and collect the data.

Are EEG brain scans safe?

EEGs are entirely safe for all age groups. They cause no side effects and are non-invasive. The discs attached to your head do not emit anything and simply detect your brain’s electrical signals. Most people can return to their everyday activities as soon as the EEG is over.

Why choose OneWelbeck for your private EEG?

At OneWelbeck, our dedication to your health and wellbeing is paramount, so we offer comprehensive EEGs that meet your unique needs. Our expertise in diagnosing, managing and treating brain conditions ensures you always receive the highest level of care.

We offer routine and sleep-deprived EEGs to cover various symptoms and possible conditions. If you receive a diagnosis based on your EEG results, we’ll signpost you in the right direction so you can access the required treatment and management to support your health and improve your symptoms.

Our ongoing support to all our patients means you can feel confident throughout your journey with us and help you protect your health for the long term.

Private EEG pricing with OneWelbeck

At OneWelbeck, a routine EEG costs £615 and a sleep-deprived EEG costs £725. 

We accept self-paying patients and those with private medical insurance so you can access the medical care you need. 



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