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Empowered  Doctors

OneWelbeck was founded by a group of consultants with a single focus, to create something better for patients. The unique partnership model puts doctors at the heart of decision-making and ensures the patient will always get the best care with the right person.

‘I am incredibly proud to be Chair of Orthopaedics at OneWelbeck. Each of my colleagues is an expert in their specialty and has been hand-picked to create a world-class team offering a holistic service across the full spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions. Built on our passion for care and our shared philosophy that the patient and their experience should always come first, there is no better place to be treated than OneWelbeck.’  

Prim Achan, Chair of Orthopaedics

No Ordinary  Experience

OneWelbeck is a state of the art facility. Drawing on the experience of designing and delivering over 300 medical centres, One Welbeck has been built from the scratch with every aspect of the patient journey in mind.

‘As the Orthopaedic Centre Director, my job is to ensure that each patient has the best possible experience. To me that means three things must be right. Firstly, that we support our patients at every stage of care. Whether it’s first appointment, diagnostic imaging or surgery, the facility and my team offer support every step of the way. Secondly, we have cutting edge technology – enabling our consultants to do their best work. And finally, we have the right processes in place to provide our patients with everything they need, when they need it.’ 

Jacqui Selvon, OneWelbeck Orthopaedics Centre Director 

Exceptional  Outcomes

At One Welbeck, nothing is more important than the outcome for patients. By bringing together world class consultants and meticulously designed facilities, we can deliver the best results every time.

‘My primary concern is ensuring high quality care for our patients. At OneWelbeck, my colleagues and I work collaboratively using the latest imaging technology and most up to date peer reviewed evidence to give our patients an accurate diagnosis, the best advice and treatment tailored to individual needs. We are experts in our field with years of clinical experience and so patients and referring clinicians can be confident that at OneWelbeck, we can fix any Orthopaedic problem and deliver exceptional outcomes.”

Yemi Pearse, OneWelbeck Orthopaedics Medical Director