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Interview with Andy Barclay

Andy Barclay, a percussionist for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, underwent hand surgery with Mr Simon Owen-Johnstone, Consultant... Read more

Snowboarder’s Ankle – A Commonly Mis-diagnosed Injury

Snowboarder’s ankle is a fracture of the moving bone in the ankle joint, the Talus and specifically... Read more

Knee-related Skiing Injuries – from Prevention to Treatment

Mr Deepu Sethi, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon provides an overview of the most common knee injuries – how... Read more
Foot achilles injury

Mind the Gap – Achilles Rupture

The three muscles in the calf form the Achilles’ tendon, which is attached to the heel bone,... Read more

Standing CT – what exactly is it?

Find out more about Standing CT, a revolutionary piece of imaging technology that allows accurate scans of... Read more
shoulder stabilisation

What exactly is a frozen shoulder?

How do you know if you have a frozen shoulder? Here are some of the common signs... Read more

Ready to Get Back in the Game?

Our team of Sports and Musculoskeletal Consultants treat injuries affecting all areas of the body – from osteoarthritis to tennis elbow. Just like sport, the field of sports medicine is based on teamwork. Whether you are an elite athlete, or no athlete at all, a sports medicine consultant may be the right person for you to see.

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