5 Health Problems that are More Common in Women

What are some health conditions more common in women? OneWelbeck Women’s Health has experience in helping female patients with these issues.

5 Health Problems that are More Common in Women?

While many health conditions are prevalent for males and females, there are some conditions which women find themselves more adverse to.

At OneWelbeck Women’s Health, we help female patients receive pioneering treatment for many conditions, some of which we’re going to look at in this short blog post.

The five health problems more common in women we’re discussing today include:

Here is some information on why they are more common in females and ways in which OneWelbeck can help.

Heart Disease

Many people are surprised to learn that heart disease is more common in women than in men. The British Heart Foundation estimates that 3.5 million women in the UK have cardiovascular disease with many not realising they show symptoms.

Women tend to be misdiagnosed more often when they have STEMI, NSTEMI or other heart health issues. Heart disease in female patients can be due to things like lifestyle choices, hormone imbalances, family history and coronary artery structure.

Read more about some of the symptoms relating to heart disease

Mental Health

Female mental health is an area which is underlooked, and something many women will brush off as an inconvenience rather than get help. Anxiety, as a part of this, is a common problem and often misunderstood.

Anxiety isn’t just a feeling of being worried. It could be that a patient has underlying issues which have an impact on daily life and well-being.  Mental health problem for female patients often isn’t addressed as middle-aged women are more susceptible to distress and shy away from asking for help, seeing it as an inconvenience for others.


Although this type of severe arthritis can occur on any bone in the body, Osteoarthritis is commonly diagnosed in the knees. Even more than that, women are more likely to get it in the knees than men.

Most women who are diagnosed tend to be mothers, and the effects of pregnancy seem to play a part. Stress on the hips can result in reactionary stress on the inside of the knee, where cartilage can break down if it has trouble.

If you know someone with knee issues and think it may be due to osteoarthritis, speak to the knee pain team at OneWelbeck Orthopaedics for advice.


Females are more likely to find themselves with the symptoms of constipation than males. This is due to females not being able to squeeze the sphincter muscle as firmly, having a shorter anal canal, and age playing a part.

If you or someone who know has chronic constipation, please visit OneWelbeck Digestive Health to get information on how to treat GI-related issues.

Thyroid problems

The thyroid is a small gland that does the tough job of keeping the body’s metabolism in check. Thyroid problems are more common in females when hypothyroidism occurs. This is when the thyroid slows down the production of hormones, resulting in symptoms like weight gain, fatigue and depression.

Some females with thyroid problems may also experience cramping, loss of appetite and a general feeling of weakness throughout the day.

We recommend reading our information on thyroid issues to get a better picture of what problems someone could have, and how OneWelbeck can provide treatment.

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