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Areas of Expertise

Mr Kurzawinski performs a range of treatments, including:

  • Diagnosis of adults and children with diseases of the endocrine glands
  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid pancreatic, and adrenal surgery)
  • Pancreatic, gall bladder, biliary and liver surgery
  • General surgery
  • Hernia surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery.

Personal Biography

Mr Tom R Kurzawinski PhD FRCS is a Consultant General and Endocrine Surgeon at the University College and Great Ormond Street Hospitals.

Mr Kurzawinski graduated from medical school in Poland, where he also trained in general surgery. After obtaining his PhD in 1989, with his thesis: Diagnostic and prognostic significance of selected immunological parameters of acute phase response in diffuse peritonitis, he continued his specialist training and research in liver, pancreas and endocrine surgery in the UK.

After gaining his FRCS in 1997, he was appointed as consultant surgeon at The Middlesex Hospital, in 1998. This has remained his NHS base ever since.
Around the same time, he was also awarded a visiting surgical fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and Harvard Medical School.

Tom is an internationally renowned expert in Endocrine Surgery and a Director of Ultrafast Hormones, an organisation committed to providing excellent clinical care including face to face as well as virtual on-line consultations with patients anywhere in the world.

Mr Kurzawinski has written NICE guidelines for patients with alcohol-related pancreatitis, guidelines for the Management of Hereditary Endocrine Cancer Syndromes for the Clinical Committee of the Society for Endocrinology and Paediatric Endocrine Tumours Consensus for the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes and the UK Children’s Cancer Study Group. He has also authored many articles in highly-respected medical journals and contributed numerous book chapters.


Mr Kurzawinski is also a keen researcher, with research interests in:

  • Prophylactic thyroidectomy for children with MEN2
  • Surgery for sporadic and familial hyperparathyroidism in children
  • Intraoperative Parathyroid hormone monitoring
  • Point of care measurements of calcium
  • Thyroid cancer in children and adults

He is also director of Ultrafast Hormones Ltd, which specialise in developing new endocrine assays based on microfluidics technology.

 For more information, visit Mr Kurzawinski’s Website

Consulting Fees

A consultation with Mr Tom Kurzawinski costs the following:

BUPA: New Consultation: £260 . Follow up: £160

AXA: New Consultation: £220. Follow up: £160

All other insurance companies: New Consultation: £270. Follow up: £170

Self pay: New Consultation £300. Follow up: £200

Embassy sponsored patients: New Consultation £300. Follow up: £200

Get to know Mr Kurzawinski…

“ I joined Welbeck Health because the delivery of medical care should adapt to new circumstances and include new economic models and administrative solutions. Welbeck Health is such an initiative that will create opportunities to deliver excellence in my surgical practice.”

Mr Tom Kurzawinski
  • What attracted you to medicine?

    Surgery is a discipline where mixing scientific endeavour and human empathy helps people to have better, longer and healthier lives. As a surgeon I always aspired to practice it with decency, kindness, honesty and integrity.

    I have been lucky to choose this profession and it has been a privilege to help people in difficult times.

  • What encouraged you to specialise in endocrinology?

    Hormone functioning has always fascinated me and this field combines the need for precision, rational thinking and clear judgement.

  • What keeps you busy in your personal life?

    Reading, writing, playing and listening to music, and my family.

“I have referred many patients for endocrine surgery to Tom Kurzawinski, both in the NHS (at University College and Great Ormond Street Hospitals) and in the independent-sector (at The London Clinic). His surgical skills, honed in a very rigorous unit, are among the best I have witnessed, with superb outcomes. He is a wonderfully clear and caring communicator.”

Professor S L Chew, consultant at OneWelbeck

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