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More Comfortable Mammograms 

At OneWelbeck we use the latest mammography technology from Hologic® – the 3DimensionsTM Mammography System. Not only does this 3D system provide more accurate images than conventional 2D mammogram, it also provides a higher level of comfort. The machine uses the SmartCurveTM Stabilisation System which has a curved compression surface to mirror the shape of your breast. This gives a more even compression during your scan and a more comfortable experience for you. 

Fast Scanning 

Our mammography machines complete a full 3D scan in just 3.7 seconds which means less compression time for you and more accurate scans through less likelihood of movement.  We also use the Profound AI Solution – learn more here.

High Resolution Imaging 

The Hologic® machines that we use at OneWelbeck provide high-resolution 3DTM and 2D images to provide greater clarity, allowing your consultant to confidently identify subtle lesions and fine calcifications. This means that your specialist can make even the most challenging cancer diagnoses as early as possible.