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There are many causes of loss of balance and dizziness. From an orthopaedic standpoint, the main causes are detailed here.

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muscle spasm

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are a prolonged, involuntary contraction of any muscle and can commonly occur after heavy or prolonged exercise.

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swollen knee


There are many types of swelling that can occur in the body, these typically fall under two categories: localised swelling and generalised swelling.

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shaking hands


There are many causes for tremors and shakes and the fine rippling movements through a muscle called fasciculation. Find out more here.

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numb foot


Numbness is the absence, or severe reduction of normal sensation. Variations of this are a ‘dead’ feeling, or ‘cold pain’.

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finger arthritis

Pins and Needles

Paraesthesia is the medical term that describes the peculiar sensation of pins and needles or even tingling in the body. Find out more here.

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doctor with stethoscope

General Pain

Pain can stem from many areas in the body and various types of pain include mechanical pain, joint pain and muscle pain.

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knuckle cracking

Clicking Joint

The clicking sounds that occasionally occur when we move, is to some of us quite worrying. The sounds may be loud enough that others nearby can hear them.

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shaking hands


There are several ways we feel weakness in our bodies and many causes. Find out some of the most common reasons here.

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