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Starting the process

Normally you will have been referred to us by your GP. You will have sought help about a concern with your lungs, chest or breathing. Maybe you have had a scan that isn’t completely normal and have been referred for further investigation and advice as appropriate. We will try to get all the necessary information about your case before we even meet you.

Your referral will be reviewed by the consultants, sometimes by a named consultant or the team as a whole. We will ensure you are directed to someone with the right subspecialty expertise, who can see you as soon as possible at a time convenient for you.

The first visit

We have made our facility as calm and welcoming as possible. You will be seen by your consultant and together you will start to work out your pathway. The consultant will go through your medical history and concerns and then examine you. They may suggest further investigations which you will be able to discuss and decide together what is appropriate.

We can also offer remote consultations using telephone or video clinics. This is important in the new era of COVID-19 in which we are living. We want to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible and our pathways are established to reduce the risks as much as we can.

Next steps

After your first assessment you will have an idea from your consultant about what the next steps are. Maybe they have suggested further investigation – the majority of which you will be able to access at OneWelbeck and we will ensure that we arrange your tests in the most efficient for you. Your consultant will usually arrange to see you again for discussion of the results. We understand that this can be an anxious time and we strive to make sure that you are seen as soon as possible. Your consultant will discuss your case in full with you and explain everything so that you can together make a joint decision about how to proceed with your care.