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Everything you need to know about Adenoma Detection Rates

This is the main question to ask a gastroenterologist when you are considering a colonoscopy. The British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG), have developed quality assurance measures and key performance indicators for the delivery of colonoscopies within the UK.

The Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) is the national BSG benchmark for measuring high quality colonoscopy procedures.

An ADR is a direct measure of the effectiveness of the colonoscopy that a gastroenterologist offers. So always pick a colonoscopy doctor with a high adenoma detection rate. This will mean they are locating and removing precancerous colon polyps from a higher percentage of patients.

Look for a GI specialist with a colonoscopy Adenoma Detection Rate of at least 15% in women and 25% in men.

Adenoma Detection Rates at OneWelbeck Digestive Health:

  • The BSG aspirational ADR rate is 20%. All our specialist endoscopists have upper quintile ADR (33.51-52.51%) of the BSG aspirational target, with an average performance of around 30%
  • This high ADR rate reduces the risk of a missed diagnosis or the need for a more invasive or expensive treatment