Condition: Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe is a visible foot deformity that occurs due to abnormalities in the muscles.

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What is hammer toe?

Hammer toe is a visible foot deformity that occurs due to abnormalities in the tendons that manage the toe. These deformities happen over extended periods of time due to wear and tear from physical trauma, pressure from environmental factors such as the shoes you wear, and overall foot structure. This induces the tendon to stay contracted, causing the toe to bend downwards at the middle joint, resembling a hammer. Hammer toe usually occurs in the middle three toes. If suffering from hammer toe, a person may need to consider changing their footwear to accommodate the structure of their foot. If the pain is impacting daily life, then surgery is an option.

What are the symptoms of a hammer toe?

Symptoms of hammer toe include:

  • Inability to move affected toe
  • Affected toe being bent out of shape
  • Pain or discomfort in the toes
  • Difficulty wearing footwear
  • Pain when walking
  • Pain when moving toes
  • Development of corns and calluses

How do you prevent hammer toe?

It is possible to proactively prevent the development of hammer toe. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear. Your shoes must be correctly sized and adjustable, to ensure your toes have enough room to be flexible. Shoes such as high heels with pointed toes can aggravate or accelerate the development of hammer toe; opt for lower shoes if this is a concern.

Placing padding between the toes and strapping them in place can help to stop the pain caused by rubbing. Insoles tailored to your feet and shoes will help take the pressure off any painful areas and special shoes that are both wider and deeper than normal can stop the toes rubbing together.

What are the risk factors of a hammer toe?

There are several risk factors for developing hammer toe. If your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe, then the 2nd toe is at greater risk of developing hammer toe. Women are more likely to develop hammer toe than men, and the older you are the more likely you are to develop it. Additionally, if you suffer from arthritis or diabetes, you may be prone to developing foot deformities.

Treatment options

Surgery can be used to treat hammer toe if the condition becomes permanent and painful. OneWelbeck offers surgical remedy for hammer toe. If you are finding that your hammer toe is becoming extremely uncomfortable, please enquire about receiving surgery today.

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