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How much Radiation do cardiac tests give me?

Written by Dr Malik, Consultant Cardiologist

We will pick the best test for you. All are safe. If you are worried about radiation doses- don’t be.
A dose can be measured in Seiverts.
Usually we quote in milliSeiverts (mSv)
A 1000 microSeiverts makes a mSv and a 1000 mSv makes a single Seivert.

Ultrasound based tests and MRI scans have no radiation involved.
A CT calcium scan provides about 1 mSv, which is similar to the radiation from a mammogram.
A CT Coronary angiogram ranges from 2 to 7 mSv.
Nuclear medicine stress tests ranges from 4 to 10 mSv.

The average person receives about 3 millisieverts (mSv) of background radiation per year from natural sources.

Written by Dr Malik