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Areas of Expertise

Dr Opel performs a range of investigations and treatments, including:

  • Cardiac investigations
  • Cardiac devices; pacemakers, defibrillators (ICDs), complex devices including biventricular pacemakers
  • Reveal devices
  • Ablation

Some of the conditions she commonly treats are:

Personal Biography

Dr Opel gained her primary medical qualification at University College London in 2001 with distinction, alongside her Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy with Honours, later MRCP, PhD and elected for a Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP). She completed general cardiology training and undertook excellent subspecialty training in Electrophysiology and Devices at the Barts Heart Centre, St. Bartholomew’s hospital.

Dr Opel was bestowed the prestigious clinical research fellowship with the British Heart Foundation for research in Atrial Fibrillation (AF). As a result, she was awarded her PhD, Young Investigator awards and published.

Dr Opel has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded numerous prizes for clinical work in service development for AF, research and during university. She is also invited to speak at national and international conferences.

Research and Awards

Dr Opel has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded numerous prizes for clinical work in service development for atrial fibrillation and actively speaks at national and international conferences. Publications include:

Opel A., Mansell J., Butler A., Schwartz R., Fannon M., Finlay M., Hunter R.J., Schilling R.J.
Comparison of a high throughput day case atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation service in a local hospital with standard regional tertiary cardiac centre care.
Europace 1;21(3): 440-444.

Mantziari L., Butcher C., Shi R., Kontogeorgis A., Opel A., Chen Z., Haldar S., Panikker S., Hussain W., Jones D., Gatzoulis M., Markides V., Ernst S., Wong T.
Characterisation of atrial tachycardia mechanism and substrate with ultra high density mapping in patients with adult congenital heart disease. Implications for ablation outcomes.
Journal of the American Heart Association : 8(4).

Channer K. Peer Review Opel A.
ECG skills: bradycardia

Ang R., Lim W.Y., Opel A., Ullah W., Providencia R., Baker V., Finlay M.C., Dhinoja M.B., Earley M.J., Sporton S.C., Hunter R.J., Schilling R.J.
Long term outcome and pulmonary vein reconnection of patients undergoing cryoablation and/or radiofrequency ablation: results from the The Cryo Versus RF Trial.
Journal of Atrial Fibrillation; 11(3): 1-7.

Tinker A., Finlay M., Nobles M., Opel A.
The contribution of pathways initiated via the Gq/11 G-protein family to atrial fibrillation. Pharmacological Research 105: 55-61.

Opel A., Nobles M., Montaigne D., Finlay M., Anderson N., Breckenridge R., Tinker A.
Absence of the Regulator of G-protein signaling, RGS4. Predisposes to Atrial Fibrillation and is associated with Abnormal Calcium Handling.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 290: 19233-19244.

Opel A, Schilling R.
Updated NICE guidance on the management of atrial fibrillation.
Prescriber; 25 (20):7-7

Opel A., Murray S., Kamath N., Dhinoja M., Abrams D., Sporton S., Schilling R., Earley M.
Cryoablation versus radiofrequency ablation for treatment of atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia: Cryoablation with 6-mm-tip catheters is still less effective than radiofrequency ablation.
Heart Rhythm; 7: 340-343.


Get to know Dr Opel…

  • Why did you choose to become a part of OneWelbeck?

    OneWelbeck allows me to fulfil my objective of delivering first-class care in a patient-centred, caring, efficient and comfortable environment with state-of-the-art facilities allowing high quality, accurate, rapid diagnosis, expediting management and reassurance.

  • What is your ethos to patient care?

    I aim to deliver the best possible care to the individual, providing a holistic, personalised approach. This is through listening, understanding, investigating in an appropriate manner, reaching a diagnosis, recommending management and offering advice. With each step, I provide thorough explanations in a manner that the individual understands, allowing time and space for questions and airing concerns such that there is fluent communication. Correspondence detailing our consultation, plan, diagnosis and advice is sent so that a point a reference is always available.

  • What is the best part of your job?

    For me, this is meeting patients and endeavouring to help them! Simply, the privilege of meeting people of all ages, from all walks of life, listening to the trouble that is hindering them and then being in a position to treat, advise and reassure so that they can then continue to live their lives.

  • What keeps you busy in your personal life?

    My delightful daughter! We enjoy spending time together and keep ourselves entertained with all manner of activities from baking to enjoying the outdoors to puzzles to visiting galleries, exhibitions, the theatre and finding new things to do!

“Dr Aaisha was great, very knowledgeable, capable, and a bedside manner second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

“Dr Opel was very thorough, explained things very quickly and allowed us plenty of time to ask questions. Although this was a telephone consultation nothing felt rushed.”

“I had a telephone appointment with Dr. Opel, she was very helpful and made the necessary arrangements for referrals and has continued to keep me updated with any progress regarding my treatment.”

Testimonials from patients

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