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Our screening is enhanced because we use the very latest equipment and have a world-class team of internationally recognised specialist breast radiographers and radiologists. Everyone who visits us has our complete focus and dedication, and longer appointment times means each individual receives their imaging report before they leave the centre.

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As a female physician, I know how important regular breast screening is to the early detection of cancer. Thankfully, technologies are improving that now make screening much more sensitive and accurate. Although I have been screened elsewhere in previous years, I chose to have screening performed at OneWelbeck in London on the recommendations of a colleague, and I’m glad I did. The quality of the service is excellent, and the images were far superior to my previous screens. A lesion was detected and was promptly expertly biopsied by Dr Malhotra. I received the good news that it was nothing serious incredibly quickly.

Many women find the process of breast screening a little nerve-wracking and the OneWelbeck team were incredibly supportive and efficient. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Patient at Enhanced Breast Screening at OneWelbeck

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