Treatment: Joint Wash-Out

Joint wash-out is a procedure that involves washing or cleaning out the contents inside a joint space.

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Should the infected fluid or ‘pus’ not be drained from a joint, then the infection may get into the blood stream and you may become septic and extremely unwell. The other main problem is that untreated infection within a joint will cause on-going destruction of the cartilage and soft tissues, rendering the joint unstable. Finally, the joint then becomes scarred and immobile.

Treatment Info

This is a procedure carried out under anaesthetic. It is possible for a large joint to become swollen with either a collection of blood inside the joint or fluid resulting from infection. In such circumstances it is desirable to remove the blood or infected fluid. If blood remains inside a joint in large quantities it can become solid and fibrous. This effectively is scar tissue that dramatically reduces the joint range of movement and perhaps immobilises it completely.

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Joint Wash-Out


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