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Areas of Expertise

Some of the treatments and procedures Mr Lavy offers are:

Mr Lavy has experience of:

  • Over 5000 middle ear operations.
  • Over 400 Cochlear Implant surgeries involving all implant manufacturers, performing and teaching the surgical technique around the globe including Germany, Mexico, UAE, Egypt and the Gulf states.
  • Over 2500 stapedectomy procedures including revision surgery.
  • Over 2000 other surgical procedures for the restoration of hearing.
  • Global and Humanitarian work.

Practising Hours

Mr Jeremy Lavy is available during the following times:

Mondays: 13.30 – 18:00

Thursdays: 13.30 – 18:00


Research and Publications

My Jeremy Lavy has published widely in peer reviewed journals with particular emphasis on hearing results and the genetics and treatment of otosclerosis

Recent publications include:

Rouhani, Maral J.; Lavy, Jeremy. OTOSCLEROSIS Revision Stapes Surgery: A Novel Technique of Overcoming Erosion of the Long Process of Incus Using Hydroxylapatite Cement and Shape Memory Piston. Otology & Neurotology: March 2019 – Volume 40 – Issue 3 – p 301-304

Fiona McClenaghan, Jeremy Lavy,Does bilateral otosclerosis make pre-operative bone conduction more inaccurate?, Journal of Otology, 2020, ,Journal of Otology.

Previous publications include:

  • Powell HR, Rowlands RG, Lavy JA & Wright A. 2010. Day case pediatric middle ear surgery: from myringoplasty to bilateral cochlear implantation International Journal of pediatric Otorhinolarungoology 74;7 pp 803-806
  • SEYMOUR, F. K., CRUISE, A., LAVY, J. A., BRADLEY, J., BEALE, T., GRAHAM, J. M. & SAEED, S. R. (2010) Congenital profound hearing loss: management of hypoplastic and aplastic vestibulocochlear nerves. Cochlear implants international, 11, Suppl-6.
  • Trinidade A, Rowlands G, Obholzer R & Lavy J. 2008 Late skin flap failure following cochlear implantation Cochlear Implants International. 9; 3 pp167-175
  • Lloyd S, Meeron L, DiCuffa R, Lavy J & Graham J. 2007. Taste changes following cochlear implantation. Cochlear Implants International. 8;4, pp203-210
  • CRAIG, M. & LAVY, J. (2006) How I do it/short communication: the middle temporal artery flap for coverage of an exposed cochlear implant cable in the mastoid cavity. Cochlear implants international, 7, (4) 214-218.
  • LAVY, J. A., EAST, C. A., BAMBER, A. & ANDREWS, P. J. (2004) Gold weight implants in the management of lagophthalmos in facial palsy. Clinical Otolaryngology & Allied Sciences, 29, (3) 279-283.

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