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Before you come in

In most cases, you’ll contact us following a referral from your GP. We’ll ask for an electronic copy of any relevant medical records, so we’re fully informed about your case before you arrive.

When you arrive

We’ve designed our greeting area to be a calm, airy space, to help minimise any stress you might be feeling. We also stagger our appointments carefully, so it never feels crowded.

Assessing your needs

Your consultant will decide on the best course of action for your diagnosis. If you need any scans or tests, we’ll be able to do that straight away, on the same floor. Otherwise, we’ll take you through your options for surgery.

Planning your surgery

Our efficient booking services mean we can provide your surgical care at a time that suits you best. We’ll discuss your preferences for anaesthetic, and explain what will happen during the procedure and afterwards. If you’d rather come back at another time, or you need a general anaesthetic, we’ll agree a timetable that suits you.

During surgery

As our partner doctors have been involved in the design of our surgery rooms, they’re the ideal clinical environment. From the space the team works in, to the equipment they work with, everything has been planned with patients in mind. And because our teams work together every day, there’s no need for introductions or explanations; they can just focus on doing a brilliant job.

After surgery

Once your operation is over, we’ll bring you back to a private space to rest. Your consultant will pop in to give you feedback on how it went, and explain what happens next. After a short rest, you should be able to go straight home; if for any reason you need inpatient care, we’ll arrange that for you too.

Following up

If your condition means you need to come back for further appointments, we’ll make sure you see the same consultant each time. Otherwise, we’ll continue to monitor how you’re doing via our OneWelbeck Patient App.

You can also use the app to check your medication or treatment plans, or to let us know if anything changes. Of course, if you would like to speak to one of the team, you can call at any time.