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Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel screening aims to find cancer early or to find changes in your bowel that could lead to cancer. Thankfully, survival rates are close to 100%, if the disease is spotted in the early stages. But this rate drops significantly as the disease develops. So, regular screening tests can help to prevent bowel cancer and save lives.

Exceptional Care

OneWelbeck Digestive Health was founded by specialists gastroenterologists and surgeons who operate in a way they have never been able to before. Giving patients exceptional care from diagnosis through to treatment with the help of innovative technology and a calm environment.

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Treatment for Long Covid

At OneWelbeck we are lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s leading specialists on Long Covid. We have brought together Consultants from a wide range of our centres to provide to create a simple-to-navigate patient pathway that ensures that you are seen by the right specialist from the very start of your treatment journey.

The OneWelbeck App

If you are a healthcare professional and looking to access information about our services, consultants and or centres, our app is the perfect place to start. Click below to access our web-based app.

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