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Pre-conception screening

Assessment and advice for women planning to start a family

This includes personal medical history, family history, general health and individual risk factors. Early identification of potential problems either for fertility or pregnancy itself. Tests that may be indicated include checking for anaemia, vitamin D levels and thyroid function as well as pre-conception genetic screening where appropriate.

General health check

Evaluation of gynaecological health including history and examination

Tests include cervical (‘pap’) smear +/- HPV screening, sexual health screen where appropriate (including for chlamydia) and pelvic ultrasound depending on symptoms or examination findings.

Ovarian cancer screening

Although it has not been established that routine testing by ultrasound combined with a tumour marker is effective at screening for ovarian cancer it may be appropriate in women who have risk factors. The most important of these is family history of breast and ovarian cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment gives the best outcomes.


Your consultant will go through a review of your current contraception and give you up to date advice about available options.