OneWelbeck Referrer Portal Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy information for referrers - Acceptable Use Policy for users of OneWelbeck Referrer Portal.

Users of the OneWelbeck (OWB) Referrer Portal exercise judgement when using the Portal and comply with the stated processes.

This policy sets out the acceptable use, practices and responsibilities that users must be aware of when using the Referrer Portal. All users of the Portal will be required to acknowledge and accept this policy as part of the registration process.

The Acceptable Use policy specifies what may and may not be done when using the Referrer Portal. Portal users must agree to abide by this policy at all times when using the Portal, regardless of the device through which it is accessed (for example, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device).

  • Registration to the Portal and the provision on log-in credentials are dependent on the referrer’s agreement to the Acceptable Use Policy and the OWB Privacy Notice
  • The Portal is provided by OWB who are the Data Controller, as defined under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018)
  • Users must report any suspected information security or data protection breaches to the OWB Data Protection Officer
  • Where there has been a breach of this policy leading to a potential or confirmed data breach, it will be within the discretion of OWB to take action in accordance with the appropriate legislation. This may include potential escalation to the regulator – Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Users must keep their password secure and must not share their password with anyone else
  • Users must use their own password and must not log in to the Portal using anyone else’s password credentials
  • Users should not leave their screen unattended when logged into the Portal and should log out when they have finished each session
  • Personal or sensitive data should not be printed or extracted from the portal
  • Users should act in a professional manner when entering data into the portal and must ensure they do not use inappropriate language or comments
  • Users should facilitate good data quality and integrity by ensuring that the information they enter onto the portal is accurate and correct
  • Users are made aware that use of the Portal is subject to monitoring and user activity may be traced back to individual user accounts