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OneWelbeck Group

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List of Companies in the OneWelbeck Group
Trading NameCompany NameCompany Registration NoICO Registration NoCQC Number
Welbeck Health PartnersAmbulatory Surgery International Ltd09873002ZA524494
OneWelbeck Endoscopy CentreASI London A Ltd10924226ZA5020551-6226573702
OneWelbeck SurgeryASI London B Ltd11669071ZA6710141-8609963559
OneWelbeck Heart Health ASI London C Ltd11669229ZA5244981-7099359585
OneWelbeck Digestive HealthASI London D Ltd11669227ZB0164601-9856668216
OneWelbeck Imaging & DiagnosticsASI London E Ltd11722195ZA6965271-10852507351
OneWelbeck Women's HealthASI London F Ltd11755788ZA7850381-9773698642
OneWelbeck Lung HealthASI London G Ltd12049373ZB0164641-9753628426
OneWelbeck ENTASI London H Ltd12050524ZA7850311-11815979454
OneWelbeck Orthopaedic OutpatientsASI London I Ltd12214502ZA6965421-12344820932
OneWelbeck Skin Health & AllergyASI London J Ltd12638737ZB0164691-11816027432