Steve's story Tonsillectomy Procedure

Steve was looking for an effective and safe tonsillectomy treatment. Read his personal experience with the tonsillectomy procedure at OneWelbeck.

How was your pre-op?

My pre-op was completed by a lovely lady named Jules who looked after me before the surgery. She already knew everything and was only double-checking certain facts. She did not rush me and allowed me time to change into a hospital gown and to answer any potential questions I may have had.

Everything was so organized and relaxed; I was not anxious at any point. I then had the surgeon, Dr. Anil Joshi, and later the anesthesiologist, Dr.Gupta Sanjay, come in. They both took the time to explain everything, including planned post-op care. They also took the time to look at the additional documents I brought in and informed me of the specific medicine I was going to be given, allowing me time to research it before I went in to make sure I was comfortable with it.

How waa the operation?

I was then taken to the operating room down the hall where I lay down on a comfy operating table, and the doctor administered each medication individually, announcing each before it was given. Each was administered very softly, and I did not feel any pain, which sometimes happens when meds are pushed in too quickly.

How was your post op care?

I had a great nap, and just like that, I woke up in my quiet, cosy post-op room, where, after making sure I was alright, I was left alone to rest.

My amazing nurse, Joy, checked on me a few times and allowed me to sleep when I needed it. I was then fed a nice, fresh Pret sandwich (had a choice of 3) and offered a selection of drinks. I felt a bit sick after that, and Joy was very quick to administer an anti-nausea medication, and I was quickly back to normal.

I was also given my discharge documents, which I had a chance to read in advance of check-out, which I appreciated, having been foggy from the anaesthesia and needing more time to process it.

My friend who was picking me up was informed of my progress and was allowed to come into my room to help me get ready. Joy then discussed my post-op care with me and my friend, taking the time to answer all our questions, even coming back to the room a few times as I forgot a few.

She was so nice and knowledgeable and did not rush me to leave. A lovely gentleman came in to remove my IV needle. I took my time to dress and was soon on my way out, having said goodbye to the loveliest medical team I had ever met. Thank you all; you are all rock stars!!

How was your experience at OneWelbeck

Went in for a tonsillectomy and almost enjoyed it! 🤭 This hospital feels like a hotel or a spa 😅; the design is very modern, and it doesn’t smell like a hospital. I was allocated a private en-suite room, and everything was spotlessly clean, and comfortable, and did not feel like a hospital room at all. The best part was the staff, though. Everyone was wonderful, so polite and prepared. Most importantly, everyone was very respectful of my wishes.

* Please note the name has been changed to keep the patient anonymous