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What does a Sports Medicine consultant do?

There is a common misconception amongst non-athletes and amateur athletes that Sports Medics exclusively help professional athletes. This is not the case. Sports Medics specialise in musculoskeletal conditions, which along with injuries directly sustained from playing sports, include tendon issues, long term muscle injuries, and chronic pain and arthritis.

When should I see the Sports Medicine team at OneWelbeck?

  • Diagnostics, treatment, and recovery plans for new sports injuries (this can include sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures, and stress fractures)
  • Specialised treatment for chronic injuries (Pains for longer than 3 months, common examples include back, knee, foot and ankle pains)
  • Relief from joint pain (Tendonitis and osteoarthritis, or ‘wear and tear’ arthritis)
  • Head injuries and concussions (it is crucial to seek professional medical advice if you think you have symptoms of concussion)
  • World-leading diagnostics of hand and foot pains
  • Improving your athletic performance (speak to a medical doctor for clinical advice on how to improve and optimise your athletic performance)

The OneWelbeck Sports Medicine team is incorporated into the OneWelbeck Orthopaedics Centre. This enables patients access same day scans, diagnostics and treatments using the latest in musculoskeletal clinical technologies.

Designed Around You

Our specialist team are well known for their work with elite athletes from sports as such rugby, tennis and athletics. But at OneWelbeck we know that injuries occur with little or no physical activity at all. So, whether you are an elite athlete, or no athlete at all, a sports medicine consultant may be the right person for you to see.

From bone, tendon, ligament or muscle, our experts aim to get to the route cause of why the injury occurred in the first place, and provide you with a comprehensive management plan to help with pain and improve your function.

Our Treatments

All our consultants are trained in musculoskeletal ultrasound and will be able to use this (if appropriate) during your appointment to help with the diagnosis of your condition.

They are also able to perform a variety of the following as part of your treatment if required:

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What our patients say

Testimonials from patients about the quality care they’ve received from our sports medicine consultants.

“Natasha was incredibly professional, decisive and clear in her assessment, treatment and advice.”

“Dr Beach took the time to explain all my treatment options, she answered all my questions and ensured that I truly understood what the next...

“Natasha made me feel very welcome and comfortable. She took time to explain and reassure me. She is very approachable and pleasant person.”

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