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When visiting the Surgery Centre, patients are shown to their private, en-suite room. All 10 pods are stylishly designed and furnished, with ample room to relax before and after each procedure, and space to securely store personal belongings.

While patients are preparing for, or relaxing after their procedure, our staff can keep a close eye on them in a non-intrusive way, thanks to our portable continuous monitoring system. The system allows clinicians to track information about each patient’s condition without having to disturb them. That means retaining privacy, while not being isolated from the care the patient needs.

Setting OneWelbeck far apart from other providers, our unique sterile service facility means  surgical equipment and instruments are cleaned on-site, on the same floor as our theatre suites.

This eliminates unnecessary delays often seen in other centres, where sterile services aren’t in close proximity to theatres.

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The OneWelbeck Surgery Centre is only a phone call or an email away:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3653 2003