Why Choose a Women’s Health Specialist?

OneWelbeck Women’s Health provides expert care to female patients.

Why Choose a Women’s Health Specialist?

OneWelbeck Women’s Health provides expert care to patients when it comes to specific health issues for our female patients. While we primarily help with gynaecological and breast issues, female patients may choose a specialist for several reasons.

It can feel slightly daunting getting in touch with a clinic like ourselves when you want to see a women’s health specialist, but we are here to help. If you are wondering why someone should seek out a women’s health specialist, here are some of the ways the OneWelbeck team helps patients and could help you or someone you know in need of our help.

Specialists deal with very personal & private issues

We understand that specific issues can be very sensitive for the individual, especially when looking for women’s conditions. Private issues can include:

  • Breast development issues
  • Hyperplasia
  • Benign growths on the breasts
  • Fibroids
  • Menorrhagia
  • Nipple Discharge

This is just a snapshot of some of the conditions we can offer discrete and practical guidance on. As some female conditions are quite private in nature, reassurance and understanding go a long way to help inform the treatment process.

Someone seeking out a women’s health specialist should ask them how they can help with personal conditions specific to the patient, what their experience in this area is like, and how they see the treatment path in relation to a new patient. Their answers can help a prospective patient make the best judgement on choosing a consultant.

Aiding with multiple conditions

We have a disciplinary team which caters to a host of female conditions. It is more common than thought for female patients to have multiple conditions which need to be looked at.

Again, treatment plans need to work in tandem to provide the patient with the best care possible. For example, a patient may have menstrual cramps and menorrhagia, and be under the belief the two are interlinked. It could be the case that they are happening for unrelated reasons, and as such, a tailored plan needs to be developed to deal with multiple conditions that work in the patient’s interests.

A look at underlying conditions can also help if a female patient is coming to us for answers relating to fertility and contraceptive problems.

Developing a relationship

Our Women’s health specialists are here for more than just a check-up when you come to visit.

OneWelbeck prides itself on being able to deliver a patient-centred experience that doesn’t simply start and stop when walking through our doors. Patients get their own private pod to relax before and after any treatment, are looked after in ideal clinical environments, and are monitored with direct access to consultants when home via the OneWelbeck app.

Using the latest technologies

OneWelbeck utilises the latest breakthroughs in technology to empower patients in a manner which helps them take control of the problem. A typical patient will see us use new technologies to provide a more comprehensive approach to female conditions than most clinics can offer.

We aim to create a friendly and supportive environment, and thankfully the technology on offer allows for that.

Get in touch to discuss women’s health

Want to find out more about the help OneWelbeck Women’s Health can provide female patients?

We encourage you to get in touch via our contact page. You can also phone the clinic during regular office hours on 020 3653 2004.

How OneWelbeck
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Here at OneWelbeck, we have a team of women’s health specialists, state of the art facilities and diagnostics, and highly competitive financial packages for self-funding patients as well as those with private health care.

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