OneWelbeck Now Offers HyCoSy with Lipiodol: A UK First!

OneWelbeck is proud to be the first facility in the UK to offer HyCoSy (Hysterosalpingo-Contrast Sonography) with Lipiodol. This innovative approach combines the traditional HyCoSy procedure with Lipiodol, a poppy-seed oil-based contrast medium, to provide further benefit to you during your procedure.

What is Lipiodol and why use it with HyCoSy?

Lipiodol is a safe and well-tolerated contrast agent commonly used in X-ray imaging. Unlike the saline or foam solution typically used in Lipiodol HyCoSy, or LiCoSy as we call it offers the added advantage of:

·        No Radiation: Lipiodol has been used under X-Ray guidance which exposes the patient to low-dose radiation. This innovative technique removes the need for X-ray using ultrasound instead.

·        Potential therapeutic benefits: Studies suggest that Lipiodol may have a flushing effect, dislodging minor blockages and potentially improving tubal patency and fertility.

·        Improved implantation: It is thought Lipiodol can cause a positive reaction inside the womb that can improve implantation in both natural pregnancy and IVF (embryo transfer).

Benefits of HyCoSy with Lipiodol at OneWelbeck:

·    Potential for improved fertility: The potential flushing effect of Lipiodol may slightly increase your chances of natural conception after the procedure. Lipiodol has a higher pregnancy rate in comparison to standard saline or foam HyCoSy as well as standard X-ray Guided hysterosalpingogram.

·       Reduced need for additional procedures: By providing a clearer picture of your tubes, HyCoSy with Lipiodol may eliminate the need for further invasive tests like laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

·        Positive effects on IVF: Due to its natural increased chance of pregnancy, the need for IVF will be removed if the patient gets pregnant, however there is a theory that embryo implantation rates are higher post lipiodol uterine flushing.

Who is a candidate for HyCoSy with Lipiodol?

This procedure is suitable for women experiencing unexplained infertility and those with suspected tubal blockages. LiCoSY can be performed if you have normal thyroid function test results and no known pelvic infection.

If you are interested please contact OneWelbeck Women’s Health for further details.